Embraer E190 LINEAGE 1000 - AirX Charter livery

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Wouldnt be nice to see business jet livery for the new e190? Thats why i am here! I am introducing you the AirX Charter Embraer E190 lineage 1000!
General Aircraft Sepcifications
  • Crew: 2 flight crew + 1 optional flight attendant
  • Capacity: 13 typical, 19 max
  • Length: 36.24 m (118 ft 11 in)
  • Wingspan: 28.72 m (94 ft 3 in)
  • Height: 10.57[ m (34 ft 8 in)
  • Wing area: 92.5 m2 (996 sq ft)
  • Aspect ratio: 8.9
  • Empty weight: 32,133 kg (70,841 lb)
  • Max takeoff weight: 54,500 kg (120,152 lb)
  • Fuel capacity: 21,871 kg (48,217 lb)
  • max landing weight : 45,800 kg (100,972 lb)
  • max zero fuel weight : 36,500 kg (80,469 lb)
  • Powerplant: 2 × General Electric CF34-10E turbofan engines, 82 kN (18,500 lbf) thrust each


  • Maximum speed: Mach 0.82
  • Cruise speed: 874 km/h (543 mph, 472 kn)
  • Range: 8,500 km (5,300 mi, 4,600 nmi) 8 pax (M 0.78)
  • Service ceiling: 12,000 m (41,000 ft)
  • Take-Off : (MTOW, SL, ISA) 6,076 ft / 1,852 m
  • Landing : (MLW, SL, ISA) 2,450 ft / 747 m
  • Climb to FL370
About AirX Charter

The AirX journey started in 2010. Our ambition was to build a diverse fleet of aircraft which can cater to many private and business needs. Today’s AirX fleet ranges from a Legacy 600 to an A340. The newest member of our family is a Legacy 650 which can carry up to 13 people and which boasts of a significantly reduced cabin noise level. We expect to add further exciting aircraft very soon.

The AirX family extends to the great people within the business. Within our Malta and UK offices, the AirX family combine years of aviation knowledge and experience, working together to tailor each flight, creating a bespoke and unique travel experience that exceeds our client’s expectations. All of the departments across our business from our Flight Operations Team to our Aircraft Maintenance Team work as one team and each and every person is passionate about providing a great flying experience to our customers.

About requested livery

I am requesting 9H-FAB made in 2012. Here are few photos outside and inside!

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