Embraer E175 United New Livery

I want this so badly, but I have spent all of my votes on other evo blue liveries 😂

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Will likely be coming with the E-Jet rework this year

I’m not really connected to US airlines, but still would love to see it in the E-jet update.
Got my rare vote 👍

Bump. Really think this Bluetiful livery should be added into the game when the E175 releases!


Bump, can’t let this thing die yk.

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Such a gorgeous livery. I saw so many of these while I was in key west last summer

Such a nice livery. Denver here I come when it’s reworked! :)

Voted and yes we need this something fierce in the sim !

Wait why bother making a post about this, they literally can’t add the e175 without delta, AA and UA


Let us all pray that this will get brought into the game with the new E-jets update, I mean I think one would need their head screwed on backward not to add this, super awesome livery, you have my vote!


There is a pretty good chance that this livery will be added in 22.5, or whenever the E175 comes out, as long as the E175(LR) comes out before the regular E175 comes out, or both come out at the same time. Obviously, there is still a slight chance that this livery won’t be added, but I have my hopes on Infinite Flight!

Would be neat if we also had this Bird in the game 😍 Evo Blue and Continental right next to each other


For real! There both great liveries so having both of them would be great!

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