Embraer E175 United New Livery

Hey IFC!

Wouldn’t be great if we got the United 2019 Livery for the E175?
I would fly it everyday!

The one we have right now is super old and we need a big upgrade from that to this livery, it would be great and will add more realism when flying a United E175.


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I love United’s new livery on the E170! I’ll see if I have a vote to spare.

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I know right! For some reason it’s better than the new livery’s on other United Planes. I don’t know why.

I hate to burst your bubble, but that’s an E175.


Oh… I searched up E170 tho oh well I’ll change the picture.

That’s also an E175 😂

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Oh c’mon cant find any e170’s!!! >:(
I can just change the title lol.

I don’t think United has any E170s in the New Livery. I think they are all retired.

Oh then I’ll change the plane lol.

I think delta and united retired their e170s

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United has very few E170s that they fly on the east coast


Yep, changed the plane all I had to do was to replace a number.

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Haven’t seen one then

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oh oop


United still has 38 E-170s, but none have been painted in the new livery yet.


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Also, again @KPIT? There was a relatively recent feature request for United’s E-175 with the new livery, but…

Automatically closed after 90 days?


Its closed so…

I recommend using a real life picture instead of a flight simulator

Republic airways (part of delta connection) still has e170

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Yeah will change it right now.

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