Embraer E145

Bump! How awesome would another AA retro livery be?

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Any livery for the 145 absolutely slaps.

The E145 is my favorite regional jet anyways, you get to go to fairly unknown places such as Casper, Wyoming and explore. Not to mention the aircraft itself. Cozy, nice tray tables, seats, views, and A seats are both window and aisle seats!

Yes! It’s better than the CRJ in terms of design and looks

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Indeed it is 🙂 Also cleared up a vote for this! Glad to be, what, the 116th vote? Yeah. Doesn’t matter what the number is, every vote matters!

One word. Please please please… Oh wait, that’s three words

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@nativetoalaska yeah, but I don’t really see why they needed to make the 140 AND the 145. They are very similar

@CaptainZac same 😂
I really hope this is the next regional added

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Ay two more votes 😂

wow we rly need this plane including some Private Liveries!!



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This is what I want

Got my vote

fr fr such a nice livery

this will make regional flying so much better!!

Definitely got my vote!!

Even though its a commerical regional jet I think we can add private liveries to

Yes please.

If we’re smart we’d all switch our vote to the ERJ rework instead of the E145… just sayin’.

Yeah although I would love to fly this, it will never be added before the E-jets, Atr and A220 have been added. It just doesn’t have the fanbase.

Yes please…