Embraer E145

That’s a very nice livery! I didn’t know it actually existed

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what’s even that lol

all ik is that it’s a very cool livery on the superior RJ cough cough Crappy Regional Jet

American Eagle 🦅

Hopefully the first plane I fly when I turn 21


Also this beauty


New Livery EVO Blue 😍😎

American Eagle (Envoy) Embraer ERJ-145 [N651AE] landing, taxi, and shutdown in DFW - YouTube Engine Hum :) + Landing :)

1 Full Cabin

2 Wing View With Drone Camera

3 Body For American Eagle And Tail Look :)

4 Engine Hum :)

Last But Not Least The Live Cockpit

  • Would Love For All This To Be Added :)

Cheers- RyMan!


It is truly a lovely aircraft :)


Love to get the AA retro if the E145 gets added!


Underrated butter machine


according to the Devs an E jet will be worked on perhaps created we should try to push the E140/145 in popularity so it is possibly chosen when the A220 is done.

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This looks cool on the ERJ 145. Here is the Fastjet ERJ 145 which is the ultra regional airliner of southern africa

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The ERJs are not part of the E-Jets. Unfortunately, as far as everyone is aware, there are no plans or possibilities of adding the ERJ family through 2021 and 2022.

Not sure where you see the ERJ in the sim…

Must’ve been dreaming… whoops.

Though I’d like this to be a reality lmao

Very nice livery!

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So many great routes and liveries with this plane

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IF needs something like the E145. So widely used for regional flying globally.

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Small bump

This aircraft is needed! It would open up so many more regional routes!

I never thought about this before, it after binge watching all Swayne Martin videos I am so down for this 😂

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