Embraer E-jets Rework

sorry I meant to say e - jets not erjs

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That would honestly defeat the whole point of how diverse the E-jets operators are… We got 4 777’s and 4 CRJ’s. It would be more than fair to rework the whole family. I guess we will see but I’ve been wanting this rework for 7 years now, only getting one would be a huge blow to the regional community. With that being said;

My favourite is the E175 with the upgraded winglets, the E190 has the most operators though. The E170 is the least important one for me as it doesn’t have a lot of operators compared to the other variants. The E195 is nice but mostly used in South-America and Africa, it would leave big E-jet operators like KLM out.

My point is that without having at least the E175, E190 and E195, the diversity of new and interesting routes will be severely limited and a lot of us will be disappointed because our favoured airlines/routes won’t be available. The E175 is popular in the US, the E190 is popular in Europe and the E195 is popular in South-America.


Honestly, in the current standards that this airplane is found any model is already of good size kkkkk, I would like 195

I feel like they would rework the entire Family of aircraft already in the game. Since all the variants are already in the game. While when you look at the 757 and A330, only the 757-200 and A330-300 are in the game at the moment so that’s why they are the only aircraft getting reworked, while the 757-300/F and A330-200/F are not currently in the game. Since the all the EJets are in the game currently, they will all get a rework. I think Jason brought this same logic up in a comment about the 757/A330 variants.


But we shouldn’t get ahead of ourselves. The E-jets won’t be reworked for some time to come so no final decisions have been made about this topic. Let’s make sure the E-jets get a rework slot, the details are for later. :)

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Yeah, honestly we’re not looking until mid 2021 at the earliest

At the earliest a very late 2021 release like the 757 right now. Probably later.


Were almost at 800 votes

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Indeed! only 2 votes away now!

160 new posts and only 15 votes…wow lol

I did vote for the a220. Initially I wanted the Jets to compete with the CJR. Part of the reason is with long hauls you gain XP but you loose on the never of landings. Now I find airports to do touch and goes. However with a another regional jet you get to do landing a feel like you are going somewhere.

Hehheh…800th vote incoming


800 votes! Glad to see this bird is getting more attention lately. Can we get to 1000 before the end of the year? 👀


Let’s do it!

#ejetsrework #votevotevote

Ah, we are now at 801. 199 more to go. We can do this!

Voted. Hope this comes after the A330. I want to fly the regional routes!

I want this or the Twin Otter next.

I wouldnt say no to this… and it actually working properly…

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