Embraer E-jets Rework

I think the devs are already aware of this situation. In my opinion and my guess is that by the time one of these E-Jets get reworked (Wether it is the E175 or the E190 because they’re the most popular atm) they will have already a solution to this because we’ve wanted the E-Jets reworked for so long, to shrink the fleet just to one variant…
I just want to highlight this

Maybe I’m wrong, but wether they rework the E170, 175, 190 or the 195, it will be a pleasure to fly such an amazing piece of art.


Fair enough, didn’t notice that. Still kind of disappointed in IF recently…


This ☝️ 😞


Well……the reason why the IF is only reworking one variant so far is because it’s too much now for the 3D artist to do the whole family, I know they did the entire 777 family but they don’t always rework the whole family, I think we should just be happy that at least on of ejets is getting reworked, 3D art is a very hard and maybe even sometimes stressful task.


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I read what you wrote, and literally that’s what we are paying for! 😅

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There are VAs that use the call sign Alaska so it wouldn’t be fair if they did that.

Sorry, but what possibility does the A220 bring to South America?

I would like you to say that the possibilities of routes and airlines the A220 brings here, and the E175 mainly


Yeah it make 100% sense because we don’t have soo much liveries from the US in Infinite Flight. 🙄


If the 190 come, we have to get this livery

It’s a beatiful livery with wonderful routes to explore the south america and the Amazon Forest

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I really hope they don’t put the variant to a vote. The community will get too toxic.


We haven’t even made it to the vote yet and it’s already gotten toxic. Although it was stated by Jason I believe that it will probably go to a vote.

I will vote for E-190


Only when they’re all off topic. About to issue some official warnings if they continue. Keep arguing back and forth in a public topic and you’ll soon find out. 🙂


Very cool 😎


@DeerCrusher would I be able to make a poll between the variants? Or would that cause too much toxicity and arguments?

I wouldn’t bother. Jason mentioned that there may be a poll for the variant that the community could vote on. I’m afraid that a poll would only add fuel to what is already… a dumpster fire… sadly. That said, folks simply need to treat this topic the same way that they did prior to the EJet announcement. Ever since the announcement its been “E175 vs. E190” which is pretty silly in hindsight. That’s not even the purpose of the topic. The purpose of the topic is what the title says.

If folks simply stick to the basis of the title, there won’t be any issues. But we’re not gonna entertain the bashing of one another, their ideas or opinions for that matter. Its not a healthy environment for this forum when we all should be celebrating the fact that the EJets are getting the much needed attention that they needed.

But thanks for asking though! Much appreciated


Alright 👍🏻 Sounds good. Thanks!

For those who don’t know, the E190 has already been present in North American operators:

In addition, it has several operators spread across the globe, like:

Air Dolomiti, Amaszonas Uruguay, Amaszonas Bolivia, LAM Mozambique Airlines, Arkia, Azul Brazilian Airlines, Helveltic Airways, LOT Polish Airlines, Royal Air Maroc, TACA Airlines, TUI Fly, Alitalia CityLiner, Breeze Airways, TAME, Ukraine International, Air Astana, Lufthansa CityLine, TAP Express, Finnair, TRIP Linhas Aéreas, Airlink, Copa Airlines, J-Air, Kenya Airways, Conviasa, Air France (HOP!), GX Airlines (From China), China Southern Airlines, BA CityFlyer, Aerolíneas Argentinas (Ex-Austral), KLM Cityhopper, Tianjin Airlines and Aeromexico.

In my opinion, the E190 will be much more “profitable” than the E175 as it has 66 operators spread across the globe, from North America to Oceania, while the E175 only has 19 operators, many of them based in the US alone.


That’s what I have always referring to, we could get a livery per country not only the US with the E190 😍


I agree with you, pretty more options to fly in the E190, more companys around the world

certainly my vote will be to the E190

Great infos mate