Embraer E-jets Rework

New “Tech Shark Profit Hunter” for the E190-E2 that will be used at the Singapore Airshow
Tech Shark
Tech Shark 2
Tech Shark 3
Source: Shark Is The Word With Embraer's New E2 Profit Hunter Livery


I really wish they would’ve reworked the E170

IMO the cutest passenger aircraft ever!


Yeah cause on the E195 and the E175 i would like to see the Purple Flybe Livery (Before they went Bankrupt) and the New Flybe Livery

A Flybe E190 in the Purple Livery Before they went Bankrupt in March 2020

Credit: Airplane Pictures

Here is a Q400 in the new 2021 Livery as Flybe is Returning
Credit: Ch-Aviation


I would love to see the American Eagle 175 in the game since I fly a lot of short-haul routes out of kphl.

(Photo: AirlineGeeks | Greg Linton)


Well, a it sad news

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Quite sad. The 190s are always fun to fly on because of the 2-2 layout.

What’s interesting is JetBlue is going to have to decide what to do with a few of the 190 only routes. They have the seasonal routes from JFK to HYA and MVY and from looking around online, the A223s can’t fit at those airports. JetBlue would need to get A221s, give the routes to American Eagle (through the Northeast Alliance), or cut the routes altogether. Will be interesting to see, but I’m gonna miss those planes.

Most likely this, but E-Jet related, hope to see both the Evo E175 in game


Lets not forget this either ✨🛫


the other winglets are coming!!! ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

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I guess more time to wait 🤔

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I honestly doubt they will ever really launch them. Doesn’t really seem to be a market for it.

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I didn’t know Embraer have also backlog.

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Whew I hope to see this livery in IF!!

Bumping this, as JetBlue recently repainted one of their E190s (N323JB) with the “Hops” tail, the same design used on the A220s. I think it looks quite good! Apparently JetBlue is going to be standardizing their tails (all A320s will have the same tail as an example) and the 190s will be getting the hops tail like the 220s. If this becomes the standard 190 tail, I’m hoping it can come with the rework! image


I have to say, that’s kinda surprising, considering that they are probably gonna replace all of their E190s with CS300s eventually

They use the E-jets for short hops and the A220 for longer flights. They won’t be replaced anytime soon.

It is expected to happen during 2023-2026. This officially only refers to the leased E190s, but sources say the timeline for the airline-owned E190s will be roughly the same

Well, that ain’t all too far away. Dunno if repainting would really be worth it


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