Embraer E-jets Rework

I wonder if they are working on both at the same time? if so, there could be a chance whereby they either release both at the same time or in back to back updates.

Would make sense to make one variant at a time, working from what can be used of the first made variant for the second.

Full quality renderings from the blog article:


Just beautiful and amazing at the same time
So far*

Even though this plane is retired, I would like it to be in the game


We really need this with the rework!

Bulgaria Air E190 at Milan Airport.
*no picture credits known


We are finally getting it!! E170 and E190 being developed 😌


*E175 instead of the E170 :)

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Congrats guys, you’re getting your rework, and I’m very much looking forward to it 👍

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o my bad lol

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So is everyone else, can’t wait to do some short hops around Europe!

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Yeah, so many nice additions can be expected

Hopefully I can do some flights from KBOI and KLAS to KPAE with these livery’s

And some hops from KDEN to KPAE with this livery

My photos


Yeeees, those liveries look awesome!

I hope we can fly e190 also with blue-white colours 🤍💙🤍

Photo credit: Aamulehti/Vesa Moilanen


I hope to be able to fly the Alitalia e175 in the embraer update despite the fact that the airline is gone


It was confirmed in a comment by IF on a post on Twitter showing the Embraer being given some love that the pictures shown were the E175

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Did they say if it will be the long or short version of the E175 too?

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No they didn’t

Wait there’s two versions of the 175

Yes, check this :