Embraer E-jets Rework

but it could be like the A332F was for the other models

Going to say I’m starting to lean towards the E190. Has the JetBlue blueprint livery (one of my favorites!) and there’s KLM and TAP routes at LCY. Also I’m all for varied international livery options.

Can’t really go wrong with either the E175 or E190 though.

Also this beauty

There’s more US users on IF, they will be using them more in the US anyways

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Lets go E190/5



I wonder if the E-175 is reworked… would it be with both winglet configurations?😏😏 Because cough cough, we need AeroMexico Connect 🤪

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No we need Trip 😛

AeroMexico only uses E190 in the present. The E175 already retired since 2017

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I myself am really hoping for the E190 (E-190? ERJ-190?).

I personally find this a stunning livery, and that isn’t purely because I’m Belgian, the blue tints really suit the E-jet in my opinion.

I’ll also be lucky enough to see this one quite often since I’ll be getting lessons at Antwerp Airport for school once a week (once we get our entry permits anyway).

This’ll also open up Antwerp Airport in Infinite Flight for realistic flights since TUI is the only airline to serve the airport currently.


E190. ERJ stands for Enterprise Regional Jets, which includes the ERJ-135(ER/LR), -140(ER/LR), and -145(STD/ER/EP/EU/LR/LU/MK/XR) that launched in the late 90s’.




Thanks for the clarification. I did always think only the ERJ-135 and ERJ-145 had “ERJ” in front. I just didn’t know if there was a need for a dash between the E and the number after it for the E-jets (like E-190 for example instead of the correct “E190” without the dash).

Good to know I’ve been doing it right!


More and more reasons to vote for the E190! 😁


Would love to see LAM for the E190, lots of great routes to fly out of Maputo!


Presence of the E190 in South America



Drop a vote for this one

out of votes 😭

Then clear one 😡

Flag avoidance: the comment above is a joke

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I’ll remove my one here and wait the poll to see if I vote for the 175 or the 190

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As @bvv_19s stated, that’s why I’d vote for the E190 haha, but in case the E175 is chosen, it would be nice to have AeroMexico livery added anyway. Btw, the E175 was a really nice looking plane with the SLI livery 😏