Embraer E-jets Rework

need it now


Yes we do.


We got the NEO, what’s next? I hope it’s the E-Jets!


Avianca - Taca | ERJ-190AR
Taca Livery [N988TA]
Captura de Pantalla 2021-09-16 a la(s) 11.30.11 p. m.

Avianca Livery [N936TA]
Captura de Pantalla 2021-09-16 a la(s) 11.29.09 p. m.


Big supporter of the E-Jets and i’m hoping the development considers adding these lil jets into a near future update. It’d be nice to see a short to medium haul aircraft take a rework instead of another long haul.

There’s also a ton of diversity in liveries and operators so no one can complain.


Hey Everyone!

Thank you for your huge enthusiasm in voting for the E-Jet rework (this will be a super cool rework when it happens). Regardless of whatever comes next (still a secret), rest assured we see this huge number of votes and that definitely matters when it comes to our aircraft development planning. These airplanes need a rework for sure.

Keep in mind that our current model for reworking aircraft is to not do every variant. It’s much too time-consuming and doesn’t allow us to cater to a very large audience while 3+ variants are all in need of custom 3D models. We need to strike a balance.

So, no matter what happens next, please know that we see the importance of this rework and it’s on our radar as we plan!


PS… if you want to know what aircraft is coming next, you may want to join today’s live stream. Or not, but you know. You probably should… 👀



I can’t wait… 🤞

Good to hear something from the team! I think we all understand we’re not getting all variants, still a bit disappointing. I assume the Ejets aren’t next, maybe it’s a good idea to have a poll about which variant to make whenever the decision gets made to rework this aircraft.



But then people won’t be able to blame us and call our devs lazy when it doesn’t go the way they want 😜


So, supposing this is indeed the next rework it will only be the most popular variant?

In this case the E190?

I can’t comment on that right now. That will be decided at a more appropriate time in the development cycle.


This is probably the most supportive and exciting group of 1304 people and counting I have ever seen for an airplane/airplanes!! So glad I could be a part of this!

What time will today’s live stream be?

17Z I guess

Jason, gotta say im liking what your saying right now. Excited for the stream to see what’s coming!

At the top of the hour!

I hope so just for these :

Embraer E-jets Rework - #1725 by LKA 😍

That or the E175 would make the most sense.


Here’s hoping we get a rework announcement🤞🏻

Even if we don’t, we know the devs notice how popular the request is! Hope we get to fly a reworked E-Jet soon!


No matter what comes, they’re saying it’s a “HUGE WIP”, we should be excited! Not disappointed if the E - jets isn’t reworked this update.