Embraer E-jets Rework

More LOT Embraers, the most common used aircraft for the Polish airline. Although we already have one, we need more models for this livery. As well we need the Lot 787-9 with Independence livery and D8 Q400.

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I’m still stuck on why the devs made inaccurate fuel burn for the E175. Many people will say because it’s an old aircraft added in 2012 that hasn’t been reworked yet. While that is true, that it’s an old aircraft, fuel burn is new and was added in late 2017 with global. Why didn’t the devs make the fuel burn accurate when they made it with global. That would have given them one less thing to redo when the Embraers do get reworked.


IThe E-jets need a rework,more liveries and the 135/140/145 models.You have my vote!

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The E-Jets are such an AWESOME family of highly advanced aircraft. Would love to see them updated in Infinite Flight! :)


Would love it with the Avianca livery! Voted as well!

PHOTO CREDITS: Torre El Dorado


Well without filling a page full of links to cite references of bits of information from multiple sources; (some of which is already on the topic above) there are a few different versions.

If they ever do decide to rework, I wonder which they’ll base it on.

There is the standard, long and advanced range which were developed in the early 2000s. Then you have the 2014 update to the 175 with new “787” style/look wings and winglets that have it a 7% boost in economics and hot and heavy ops.

There is also an E-175SC or “Special Configuration” version which is configured for 70 seats.

This is even before considering the E2 upgrades.

Regardless of which one they would base their modeling on; something needs to be done to fix the range.

Today I saw in FlightAware a scheduled flight of an E170 from ATL to DEN which (unless you probably fly empty) the current ones in IF would not make the trip.


It would have been nice to get the Widerøe 190-E2

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These birds really deserve an upgrade. Would love to fly Alaska’s new Paine Field routes with the 175.

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Too add Azul Brazilian Flag livery in Infinite Flight.


This plane and the A330 I realy want!!!


Also maybe this livery I like it would be the only one of it’s kind in the sim

Photo credits to: Fagship


I belive that this is a rework or even soft rework that should come in the future. Just to have the updated winglets, and a few livery’s like alaska and american would be nice


This aircraft is in it’s 7th year since it’s introduction without any updates. I don’t think a soft rework is possible. It’s literally an aircraft imported from a different game and would need a full rework


What game is it from?

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It would be amazing to see more than three liveries for each plane.


A Joking analogy , it’s like it was imported from another game …

It’s been around from the beginning versions of the game.


I hope this is in the plans of infinite Flight.


It would also be nice to see the new Air Canada Express livery on the 175.

Credits to Mark Brandon on YouTube


I would love that plane, it has daily service to ATL and it looks so sharp on that aircraft


Boi we need the Polish Airlines LOT Livery for the E175,E190 and E195!