Embraer E-jets Rework

It is! I believe it was made for it




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yeah, these ones definitely need a rework. Voted


I would love to see this one happening in 2019!


This plane is one of the most successful and popular regional jets. Let’s vote for this one. It can complement the CRJ series nicely.


Definitely would like to see this as the next rework as they are the oldest commercial aircraft in the Infinite Flight fleet; the C-17 is the oldest (Mar 2012 for the C-17 and Sep 2012 for the ERJs). WOW can you believe it’s been 6 years going on 7 this coming March?

To put that in perspective, some of you folks were so young when they came out your parents would have never even let you touch a tablet let alone play :) They’re maybe some players that were just starting kindergarten

They are sadly lacking in liveries and game physics like ground effect. They don’t work well for global since it seems to me that they’re fuel burn is off and you can’t fly them on “long” real world flights like SAN-SEA. The IF versions just don’t have the range of the IRL updated E-Jets, and I’m not talking about the E2s.

It would especially be nice that with the TF/CF-34 engine sound packs that were added to the A-10, they could be added to the. E-170/75.

The engines for the E-190/95 you’re splitting hairs although technically the CF-34, specifically the CF-34-10E and share alot with the CFM56

It would really round out the regional aircraft sector of IF


I’d love to see this bbys reworked

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Would love to see the E195-E2 in Widerøe livery. You got my vote!

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The Embraer Commercial Jets are very popular amongst the airlines and I believe they could use a rework! Airbus and Boeing have been competing over the smaller airline industry over the past few years and within the past year things have become intense!

With the Boeing fighting to takeover Bombardier (and losing) to the WTO trade dispute between the EU (Airbus) and Boeing, it has become clear that smaller aircrafts are a key part of the aviation industry.

Furthermore, Airbus has partnered with Bombardier to take over their C series production (A220) AND Boeing has entered into a joint-venture with Embraer to compete with the A220 as of 5 months ago. Needless to say, the small aircraft (regional jet) space will enter a new age.

With this being said, I would like to officially request a rework of the Embraer Series:

  • E170
  • E175
  • E190
  • E195

They were released in 2012 and could use a little love plus the addition of numerous liveries!

I would love to hear what everyone thinks and thanks for reading!


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I’m not sure that if they do a rework, that it would include the E2s. Like the 737 Max and A320 neos not sure if they would have enough data to work with since they are just now going into production. Though they could use the cockpit, wings and engines of the E2 to model their renderings but then that would have to be applied across the whole family. But hey, I’m the first to say that I don’t know how all this works :)

Boeing did not try to take over Bombardier in this recent round over the BCS1/3. However, years ago Bombardier offered Boeing to buy them out but they wanted too much money. Even before that, Boeing had owned Havilland Canada, which made various seaplanes and also the Dash 8 turboprop flown today as the Q400 and Boeing sold it to Bombardier.


Anyway, just had to respond to your statement. Well back on topic:

Please vote for this rework request :)

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The E-Jets personally are beautiful flying machines with various airlines to choose from and perform quick and short regional flights either from big to small airports across the world. However in Infinite flight I think its one of the most ugly planes available
(Cockpit, physics, textures, limited livery, no wing flex etc.) which is why I think it needs a rework soon (2019 maybe 2020). Take your time devs!

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I heard a quote in in a video made by GE, the maker of the CF-34 engines that 65% of US airports are only served by regional jets.

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I think it is a possibility to see this in the next update.


Would love to see this reworked soon


Live mode would benefit from a rework of the E-Jets because many pilots fly short hops between ATC controlled airports and the E-Jets are very popular among airlines in Northern America and Europe, so there would be plenty of liveries. Sounds great in my opinion.

I‘m down for it of course, I love the CRJ Series and the imagination of an E-Jet with a working cockpit, a cabin, new engine sounds (the A-10 sound package), and animated party is really awesome. Maybe we’ll even get the smaller variants like the E135 with a rework. Looking forward to it! :)


@Mats I agree!
I’d say that this will 99.87% come in 2019.


A better quality cabin maybe? Just saying this as all of the other features are not on the CRJ, except for animated parts.


A better quality would be nice indeed, maybe with controllable lights🤔 but for me the cockpit is the most important part. Working displays (including a working map) and a first officer view would be priority.