Embraer E-jets Rework

I’d Love To See These Reworked In The Future :))

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Ah, nice to see the increase in votes. Let’s see of we can hit 850 in the next 2 weeks 😉😉


E-jets need rework


I would love to see the e-jets get a rework. Hopefully this will come in the near future!


I would love to see any aircraft getting reworked but I like the a220 more but stil would love to see it


As well as getting the E jets reworked I hope they add the ERJ 145 as they are very common around America especially with American Eagle


I think that this aircraft should be reworked before any other, here is why.
Now that the A330 is in the works and next in the list, the only regional aicraft that needs serious attention are the ERJ’s. For what I see, many people agree that enough long haul aircaft have already been delivered to us and we need variety. In my opinion, the developers are aware of the comments of the community and definitely will do something about it.

The E-Jets are a very much used aircraft all around the world and would bring a wide variety of liveries between variants.

Some liveries would be: (Linked with feature request)

Embraer 170

  • AeroMexico Connect (Mexico) - [No Feature Request]
  • Airlink (South Africa) - [No Feature Request]
  • Airnorth (Australia) - [Feature Request]
  • Air Botswana (Botswana) - [No Feature Request]
  • Air France Hop (France) - [Feature Request]
  • British Airways (United Kingdom) - [Feature Request]
  • Delta Connection (US) - [No Feature Request]
  • Egyptair Express (Egypt) - [No Feature Request]
  • Estonian Air (Estonia) - [Feature Request]
  • FlyBe (United Kingdom) - [No Feature Request]
  • Fuji Dream Airlines (Japan) - [No Feature Request]
  • J-Air (Japan) - [No Feature Request]
  • LOT (Poland) - [Feature Request]
  • PEOPLE’s Viennaline (Austria) - [Feature Request]
  • Royal Jordanian (Jordan) - [No Feature Request]
  • Satena (Colombia) - [Feature Request]
  • S7 (Russia) - [No Feature Request]
  • TAME (Ecuador) - [No Feature Request]
  • United Express (US) - [No Feature Request]
  • Virgin Blue (Australia) - [No Feature Request]

Embraer 175

Embraer 190

Embraer 195

As you may see, the ERJ’s have a massive variety of liveries that could be added to the simulator, some of the liveries don’t have a feature request, so feel free to create one.

The ERJ’s are such beautiful aircraft, definitely should be next to rework as it wouldn’t take as much resources and space as the wide bodies do, that is a thing that can make this airplane have a wider variety of liveries.

Remember to vote for your favorite livery after voting for the rework to ensure it will be added, and if there’s no feature request, be sure to create one!



Name 1 no commercial aircraft reworked or added in the last, uuuhh 2 years

Here’s what I know: C172, A-10

And tbh no one really cares about GA


Guess we have to leave this thread again before we’ll get attacked … let’s continue in chats where we are loved haha calm down I know I started it ;)


I really do think that this could be a good update. The E-Jets do seem to be relatively unsused. Could be fun!

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Infinite Flight really needs more regional jets, and they have been focusing on medium-long haul jets recently. I hope that they rework regional jets instead of long hauls or medium haul aircraft next


What about the KLM E175. Don’t forget that one! 😜

Feature request here


You got my vote. How can you not love the EJets


I pretty much just like them bc they’re made (almost) right here

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i also want the erjs

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voted!i liked klm livery so much

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We really need this! Regional flights sadly aren’t that popular in IF. I think E-jets rework would change that! Also I love embraers! As my national airline - Lot operates e170,175,190,195 I would love to see them all!


Fingers crossed for a rework in the new year! Still going to keep plugging away at these regional routes though! Seems like nearly every flight I take out of LAX IRL is in the E175. I wish more of the IF community appreciated their value but I guess that is kinda the case in real world aviation too haha :)


please consider aeromexico connect


You forgot this😜