Embraer E-jets Rework

Nice to see the votes increasing. Let’s get to that 1K. 213 more to go. We need this aircraft reworked like yesterday.

Just going to leave this here for those who are interested:

Can’t tell if it the V2?


It’s the regular E190

so guys what would you rather say when you see an E195 (idk if it fits)

  • Embraer E190-200
  • Embraer E195

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Also you may know that the ERJ family wheels in IF float while its in the ground


I’m pretty sure that the same for many other older aircraft

There are two main ways. The first, is that the E2 has pretty large engines compared to the original E-Jet. Secondly, the E2 has a 787 still wing with the curve overall and no winglet at the end which really stands out.

hey @El_YuainXD you can vote here and support for this aircraft to be reworked, so this problem will be eliminated along with the rest of the aircraft haha

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Maybe we can get to 800 vote by the start of December


We’ve gotten 12 votes in 23 hours or so. And we’re only 9 away now!


I have already voted, I hope this plane Is reworked

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This better be after the A330, I’d rather have our oldest planes reworked vs the A220 which has barely any liveries


ERJs IMO worth much more than the A220, the A220 still very new so it doesn’t have many operators, the ERJs have a world of new liveries we could enjoy!

People just think in Airbus or Boeing, but what about embraer?!

We need this rework


Embraer and other companies needed some attention

Maybe bombardier counts but the CRJS are pretty fine but Cessna though


Yeah I think the CRJ rework was more of a necessity than something a lot of people wanted. I don’t really like to fly them tbh.

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The autopilot is weird since it turns so slowly

I don’t really like how the pitch feels, it’s way too sensitive and nose heavy for my liking.

I feel like embrear is forgotten when talking about reworks

YES I really hate when that happens They say “it’s fine” but it really isn’t and people wanted more modern stuff (A220) when this family is still Modern and relevant