Embraer E-120 Brasilia Tour!

This past weekend I was in Phoenix,Az for a group meetup of 20 plus aviation enthusiasts and pilots. We all met up and had a fun day of plane spotting and hanging out talking about aviation. We had anyone from aviation enthusiasts from commercial airline pilots there. But the cream of the crop was when my friend who I stayed with who is a pilot gave us a tour of the Embraer E-120 Brasilia for Ameriflight. It was a neat experience and is really big in person.


No inside cabin views?

I didn’t think about it since it’s a cargo aircraft. Not much too see

Ah. I’m not familiar with Ameriflight lol. I saw windows and thought cabin.

Yah there a part 135 cargo carrier. You can’t see out the windows at all. There just decoration

Something tells me that would be fun to fly!

He enjoys flying them

Wow! That looks really awesome!

It was a great tour. Was very cool and interesting

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