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My job in the Army requires me to memorize a vast amount of aircraft, and I had a discussion a few days ago about the Embraer ERJ-170. The topic was rather ERJ-170 or E-170 was the correct way to identify the aircraft. I always assumed it was ERJ since it stands for Embraer Regional Jet, but I was told that it is officially changed to E-170. Does anyone have some info on this topic? Thanks

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The company calls them E170.

Embraer calls the 170/75/90/95 as E-jets, so Embraer E170 is correct.

Both “work” but the E-170 is the proper designation.

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Yes sir you are correct.
Here’s some info that may help, you’ve probably checked this out already.
Simply, ERJ’s refer to Embraer’s small jets, ie. ERJ-145 and E jets refer to their larger twin jets, ie. E-170.


There is no dash in E170.

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The dash is informal.

It turns into a discussion of Carsonian grammar dimensions 😅