Embraer 175 alaska

Sorry I dont have features but can you add it, if it’s too much work/space I don’t mind…

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Features is what you can do and just edit it

Features are not showing up 0____0

You are currently too low of a trust level to post in features. Please read and post more to get to TL2.


Ok thanks for letting me know sir/maam

Hi @marvin_buxton, Is this a feature request? If yes, please post ONE picture you prefer and I’ll change the category for you. :)

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Thanks man

Now you can go ahead and post this picture in your original post at the top by clicking the edit icon (a little pencil icon) and give a little description as to whether your topic is a livery request or an aircraft request. Any additional information as to why you love this aircraft/livery would make your post much better.

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Hello, please wait until you become a member to post in Features.
Also, make sure to search before posting.


Next time do not change it to #features if he’s not a member.


I looked but it didn’t come up lol idk why but I put

“Embraer 175 alaska” and nothing came up…

Also only speek English but I can kinda see what that person is saying

What about this high pitch blueimage

Wait his was the high pitch blue but mine was a darker pitch…

Different? I think so

You’re actually not supposed to post duplicate posts. I’m not sure why it didn’t come up for you when you searched, but if you’d like to continue the discussion about the Embraer 175 Alaska, you have to continue in the original topic. And having a different picture doesn’t mean a different topic. So if you’d like, you can post your new picture there and continue. Cheers 😁.