Embraer 120

I noticed a few days ago that Infinite Flight is quite lacking in the turboprop department. This would be a nice little aircraft to do some short hops in. :)
It can carry 30 people 945 nautical miles at a cruise speed of 298 knots. It is (or was) operated by airlines such as Great Lakes and Key Lime Air.

(P.S. I know there is another topic on this, but it is from early 2015)

Thanks for bringing this up beautiful plane can you get more details such as size and what not thanks I might vote:)


Nice topic, but please add more detail (eg. Specs, Operators etc.) And don’t forget to vote for your own topic.

EDIT: He can’t vote


Can’t, Out of votes. 😉


So many good twin turbo probs. That I would love to use since long hauls aren’t my thing. I’d love to see this.


I think King Air is better than this.

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King Air is GA, this is commercial.

Oh okay, I didn’t know. Looks nice but I dont think it will be implemented in IF, so I won’t vote.

It’s a nice little business jet

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Voted for this. It would be nice to see more of these smaller turbo props in the game.

Explain the specifications of the aircraft, so the topic would be more interesting!

I would love more turboprops too. I would love little 45 minute hops around some regions.

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I’m bumping this. Nice looking turboprop used by:

Berry Aviation
Inter Carribbean
Freight Runners Express
Skippers Aviation
Freedom Airlines Express


Brazilian Air Force
Urugyan Air Force


Would be nice to have more turbo props, this would also be good with ameriflight

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This could go with the erj series rework

Gonna give this a bump up, I’d really like to see this aircraft one day.

We need more Embraers! I vote yes!

Any word on how this is going? I would love to see the EMB 120

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Maybe if this gets enough votes, they may add it with the ERJ family update whenever that happens.

Let’s get this to 100 votes!