Embraer 120 Brasilia United Express (Globe Livery)

The Embraer 120 Brasilia Aircraft operated for SkyWest under United for many years. It was a great Turbo-prop aircraft used for short routes. In 2015, this aircraft was retired from the United fleet. It would be amazing to see this livery added if we ever get the Embraer 120 Brasilia!

Credits: Kristopher Hull

SkyWest retires their E120 Fleet in 2015, not this year.

I’d love to see more regional airplanes though, nice request :)

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It’s always great to introduce a new aircraft, however there is several topics relating this aircraft (but not livery)

I’d love to see this appear in Infinite Flight… I’d personally love any two prop aircraft from the De haviland Otter to an ATR 42/72.

By the way, these the last two were posted within the last 2 hours, so unless this is a coincidence out of all aircraft I doubt this may have come across your tracks… If it is specifically for the livery then please state that and link the regarding to the original request, then, unless stated otherwise or complete this action, this post will most likely be closed for duplicate topics. @Qantas094

Edit: Yes I know it’s a LIVERY one but can you please state a link to the aircraft request, because… theres no point requesting a livery for an aircraft we don’t have, or aren’t thinking about 😂.

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Thanks! I misread an article! I fixed it! XD

It is cool that we have the Dash 8Q 400, but it would be AWESOME to see a larger variety of these turbo prop aircraft.

I’d rather the Embraer. You’ve just gotta love 'em

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Ameriflight livery for cargo

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