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G’day @QantasAviator
Thank you for your kind words. We strive for realism to give you a chance to see what it might be like working for our real-life counterpart.
None of it would be possible without the dedication of our pilots and staff towards the airline.
We’re glad you are one of our many pilots happy with our service :)


How many active pilots do you guys have?

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Our latest event is up:

Start your adventure today!


Are you tech savvy?

Qantas Virtual Group is currently looking for someone who is great with code and has plenty of experience to join our IT department!

Apply here


Our Latest Event is Up!

See you there…


Check out the latest FNF to PHNL.

Qantas Virtual Group has 14 different routes flying in or out of the Islands, some long haul and the odd cheeky short hop too!

Pick your route and join in!

Happy landings.


It’s your last chance to join the Spirit of Australia for the Melbourne Gathering!

Make sure to reserve your spot at @Kacey’s YMML Fly-Out this Saturday;

We can’t wait to see you there!


image OneWorld Virtual Alliance image


We love to make advancements in the Qantas Virtual Group. Every week, we spend countless hours ensuring we provide the best quality services and products for our fans and members.

We are very excited to announce that as of today, Qantas Virtual Group are officially joining the OneWorld Virtual Alliance.
This will bring many benefits to not only our pilots, but also the alliance, as we exchange codeshares across the relevant airlines. This will also bring many other features including joint events and a greater connection with the other VAs in the Alliance.

We are very excited to see where this new partnership leads and cannot wait to work with the other VAs and their staff in the alliance.

More information about the OneWorld Virtual Alliance:





Our latest event is up - this time we head from Canberra to Wellington as we commemorate the ANZACs who bravely fought alongside other countries in WWI.

We hope to see you there.



Our latest event is up, we hope to see you there!

The Spirit of Australia


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I cant wait to be apart of this AMAZING virtual airline! Can we fly any plane when we have 300 hours or do we have to stick with the 787 or A380?

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Hi there!

We can’t wait to have you aboard with us :)

  • Indeed, once you have 300 hours with us, you’ll be able to pilot all of the following aircraft except for the A318 listed in the graphic below:


We can’t wait to have you with us Aarkon.

See you in the skies!
Best regards,

Luke M
Director of Flight Operations


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I just tried to login but it said user does not exist? what can we do?

You might have to wait for a member of the human resources department to accept your application here at Qantas Virtual.

they said that it has been activated but still i cant get in

Hi @AarkonTV,

It’s best to send the team a direct message at @QantasVirtualGroup so that we can best assist you with your pilot application.

Currently, all applications have been processed.

Kind regards,
Mackenzie Rodgers

I tried to join Qantas VA, and there website isn’t helpful. I tried to contact them a couple of times and they don’t answer. Is there someone from the VA that can contact me ?

Did you send a PM to this user?


Hello, I am staff with QANTAS Virtual, how can I help?

If you want to join, on the website go to menu ( top right) and select ‘Join Now’. Complete the necessary details and out HR team will revert and approve your membership.

Good luck and look forward to seeing you in the Virtual skies!

It’s Cake Day for QVG!

On this day 7 years ago, our Chairman and Founder @MackenzieRodgers launched Infinite Flight’s first Virtual Airline!
Thank you to all those who have supported us along the way, including all past and present pilots and staff.
We can’t wait for the journey ahead.