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Welcome to Qantas Virtual Group, the Spirit of Australia.
Today Qantas Virtual Group is a well-known icon internationally by fans of the flight simulator - Infinite Flight. We have striven to ensure maximum professionalism from our passionate staff and members of our organisation. Qantas Virtual Group has led the Virtual Airline Industry of Infinite Flight ever since the beginning of operations back in 2012. We revolutionised the industry with experienced staff, innovative and complex systems as well as high quality for all of our members.

For over seven years, we have striven to uphold a strong reputation in all areas and it’s all because of the passionate members who work around the globe to keep our network going, our rigorous training, exceptional teamwork and the passion we all share.

Qantas Virtual has always looked to the horizon. We’ve always pushed boundaries and flown further to connect Australia to the world and the world to the Spirit of Australia.

Along the way, we’ve made your journey simpler. From introducing phpVMS into the Infinite Flight Community in early 2015 to working with developers to build the latest vACARS system. Now, we’re setting our sights on the next frontier…



Did you know that when you join Qantas Virtual Group as a pilot, you’ll get access to more than 650 real-world schedules and 10 different aircraft over 3 Virtual Airlines as you rank up? That’s right, we base our operations off of the real Qantas, so we also run Jetstar and QantasLink Virtual, and our pilots can choose to fly any of the three, they aren’t stuck with one.

We are also Infinite Flight’s first Virtual Airline. With over 7 years of Virtual Experience, we can guarantee that you’ll be flying with the best!
With our advanced systems and large registry of pilots, you won’t be disappointed.

Fly with the best, Fly Qantas Virtual


Here at Qantas Virtual, we pride ourselves on having a large, active and friendly staff base. We are here to assist you in any way possible to ensure your experience with us is smooth and
Take a look at our staff members by clicking on the dropdown box below.

Our Staff
Board Of Directors
Non-Independent Executive Director
Founder and Chairman
Non-Independent Executive Director
Chief Operating Officer
Chief Executive Officer
Flight Operations
Flight Operations Officer
Flight Operations Director
Flight Operations Officer
Information Technology
Human Resources
**Information Technology Director** | |
Human Resources Officer

Here at Qantas Virtual Group, we have implemented many features to improve the experience of our pilots and help them make the best out of their QVG experience.
Below you’ll find just some of the QPerks:


Qantas Virtual Group offers 10 aircraft under the Qantas, Jetstar and QantasLink liveries. These aircraft are divided across 6 ranks:

Cadet: 0hrs

  • Cessna 172 (QAcademy Training Aircraft)

Trainee Second Officer: 1hr

  • Boeing 717
  • De Havilland Dash-8 Q400

Second Officer: 20hrs

  • Airbus A320
  • Boeing 737-800

First Officer: 50hrs

  • Boeing 767
  • Airbus A330

Senior First Officer: 125hrs

  • Boeing 747-400
  • Boeing 787-8

Captain: 300hrs

  • Airbus A380
  • Boeing 787-9

Note: This does not include the many planes in our codeshare fleet

Bonus Ranks
Senior Captain: 500hrs
Fleet Captain: 800hrs
Chief Pilot: 1400hrs

Crew Center

Did you know Qantas Virtual was the first VA on the IFC to adopt a Crew Center for pilots?
Back in 2015, we adopted our first phpVMS Crew Center, and although our current version is more sleek and modern in comparison to the first one, we have stuck with it to this day. We continue to keep innovating our Crew Center, through our thousands of routes available to pilots, thanks to the dedication of our Flight Operations Staff.

At Qantas Virtual we bring all pilots together, whether you are a Qantas Virtual Pilot or a member of the IFC.
We invite you to our unique weekly events that feature our hundreds of destinations around the globe!
Be sure to look out for our latest Qantas Virtual weekly event!

QClub (Flying Club)

image QClub

Loooking for something to do on your layovers after a long haul flight halfway accross the world? Or are you looking to explore the Outback a bit more and get to see the Great Barrier Reef or Uluru up close? The Qantas Flying Club (QvFC) gives our pilots the chance to take a small aircarft for a spin when they either reach their destination or flying around from one of their bases. It’s also an ideal opportunity to build up that XP and landing count!

Choose from the Training Craft the C-172, workhorse of the sky C208, Fun flyer Cirrus SR22 or the new girl on the block the TBM! Once a pilot has completed the check ride at the QvFC BAse at YWOL then they are free to use the aircarft to explore the world!


image QBooking


Last year, Qantas Virtual opened its brand new booking service, enabling all Infinite Flight Community members to come aboard a QRoo and fly across the skies with one of our professional pilots, their own boarding pass and itinerary and of course, the Spirit of Australia.

We’d love to see you aboard, check out the details below to start your next adventure with us!

  • What is Qantas Virtual Booking?
    Qantas Virtual Booking is a system that enables an Infinite Flight Community Member to book one of our 600+ scheduled flights and receive a unique and realistic experience with Qantas Virtual
  • Are there any requirements to be eligible to book?
    No, we just kindly ask for you to book five days in advance for the ultimate experience with us
  • I’ve filled out the booking form, now what?
    Once you have filled out the Qantas Virtual booking form, the responsible staff member will contact you in a email or/and in a direct message on the IFC with further information, boarding pass, Frequent Flyer card etc
  • How can I fly?
    Unfortunately, there is no passenger mode in Infinite Flight yet. But we strongly encourage all passengers to track their flight through liveflightapp.com or fly alongside their flight if they wish


  • What is the “Qantas Virtual Frequent Flyer program” ?
    The Qantas Virtual Frequent Flyer is a virtual passenger reward system.
    When you first book with us, you’ll start off at the Bronze Rank and then if you continually book again with us you’ll progress through our unique ranks
  • What are the ranks in the “Qantas Virtual Frequent Flyer program” ?

In the Qantas Virtual Frequent Flyer program, we have four ranks including:
Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Platinum One

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact @Luke_M

Boarding pass and Frequent Flyer card





Qantas is a proud founding member of the OneWorld, the world’s leading quality airline alliance. As we want to provide our pilots with the best and most realistic experience possible, we have decided to join the OneWorld Virtual alliance.

Founded in 2018, the OneWorld Virtual Alliance has always striven to bring the world closer. This Alliance connects airlines from across the globe, allowing our pilots to explore places they have never been before.

This will bring many advantages to Qantas Virtual Group, including many new codeshare routes, a platform for alliance members to socialise on, partnered events and a strong bond between airlines in the alliance.
We can’t wait to see where this new partnership leads us and we look forward to the journey ahead.

Find out more information about the OneWorld Alliance


Questions, Concerns, Queries?
Don’t hesitate to contact us on the @QantasVirtualGroup account or any of our social media platforms!
A representative will attend to your issue within 24 hours of contacting us.

Check out our Frequent Asked Questions and Answers below -


“What are the requirements to join Qantas Virtual?”

Here at Qantas Virtual, we take in pilots of all skill levels. Our only requests are that you are a minimum of 13 years old and have a valid copy of Infinite Flight

“What form of communication is used at Qantas Virtual?”

We use the discord platform for all internal communication.
The Qantas Virtual Group Discord server is the perfect place to chat with other pilots and staff, get support and meet new people.
Upon acception, an invite link is supplied in the welcome email.

"I’ve been accepted as a pilot - how do I join the discord server?

An invite link is supplied in the acception email. If you cannot locate this or are having trouble joining, feel free to message us and we will assist you.

“What is your ranking structure?”

Our ranking structure consists of six ranks. At each new rank you will unlock the ability to fly 2 new aircraft!

image.jpg887×465 62.6 KB

“How active do I need to be?”

Once registered a pilot must fly the first two training flights within first 14 days of joining, then must fly and file a PIREP every 30 days as a minimum

Do I need to pay for any features at all?

Nope, none at all. If someone asks for money it’s not us!


Come home this year with Qantas Virtual


Very happy to be a pilot and staff member of this airline! I look forward to seeing what 2019 brings for us ❤✈


Working as HR Director for QVG is a passion and an everyday exciting job for me! I love working for this Virtual Airline, it is my home ❤️


Love the realism guys. Proud to fly for the best. Hopefully one day in real life as well :D


G’day @QantasAviator
Thank you for your kind words. We strive for realism to give you a chance to see what it might be like working for our real-life counterpart.
None of it would be possible without the dedication of our pilots and staff towards the airline.
We’re glad you are one of our many pilots happy with our service :)


How many active pilots do you guys have?

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Our latest event is up:

Start your adventure today!


Are you tech savvy?

Qantas Virtual Group is currently looking for someone who is great with code and has plenty of experience to join our IT department!

Apply here


Our Latest Event is Up!

See you there…


Check out the latest FNF to PHNL.

Qantas Virtual Group has 14 different routes flying in or out of the Islands, some long haul and the odd cheeky short hop too!

Pick your route and join in!

Happy landings.


It’s your last chance to join the Spirit of Australia for the Melbourne Gathering!

Make sure to reserve your spot at @Kacey’s YMML Fly-Out this Saturday;

We can’t wait to see you there!


image OneWorld Virtual Alliance image

We love to make advancements in the Qantas Virtual Group. Every week, we spend countless hours ensuring we provide the best quality services and products for our fans and members.

We are very excited to announce that as of today, Qantas Virtual Group are officially joining the OneWorld Virtual Alliance.
This will bring many benefits to not only our pilots, but also the alliance, as we exchange codeshares across the relevant airlines. This will also bring many other features including joint events and a greater connection with the other VAs in the Alliance.

We are very excited to see where this new partnership leads and cannot wait to work with the other VAs and their staff in the alliance.

More information about the OneWorld Virtual Alliance:



Our latest event is up - this time we head from Canberra to Wellington as we commemorate the ANZACs who bravely fought alongside other countries in WWI.

We hope to see you there.


Our latest event is up, we hope to see you there!

The Spirit of Australia

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I cant wait to be apart of this AMAZING virtual airline! Can we fly any plane when we have 300 hours or do we have to stick with the 787 or A380?

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Hi there!

We can’t wait to have you aboard with us :)

  • Indeed, once you have 300 hours with us, you’ll be able to pilot all of the following aircraft except for the A318 listed in the graphic below:


We can’t wait to have you with us Aarkon.

See you in the skies!
Best regards,

Luke M
Director of Flight Operations

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I just tried to login but it said user does not exist? what can we do?

You might have to wait for a member of the human resources department to accept your application here at Qantas Virtual.

they said that it has been activated but still i cant get in

Hi @AarkonTV,

It’s best to send the team a direct message at @QantasVirtualGroup so that we can best assist you with your pilot application.

Currently, all applications have been processed.

Kind regards,
Mackenzie Rodgers