Embarrassing Fear

I don’t really know why I’m making this post, but here I go. I have a ironic fear. Flying. I used to shudder at the thought of getting on a plane. This is one of the reasons I started playing IF. It came to me like this, if I can land a plane in a realistic flight simulator, then my odds are pretty good on a plane with a real trained pilot. I don’t know how, but because of this, I feel more at ease when getting on a plane. For this, I thank the people that make infinite flight. Not really sure why I decided to share, just popped into my head. Do you have any air related fears?


I am afraid of heights but somehow fine with flying. Thanks brain


I’m the same. If I get on a roof I freak lol


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I do fine with being enclosed in such heights like in an airplane and in a roller coaster but I get nervous when being at the top of a building at the edge. I can’t take open heights.


I used to have the biggiest fear of flying… I can’t describe how bad it was…
What got me over the fear was getting to meet the pilots and all of the staff after the flight. Having a at length conversation with the crew in the cockpit.
It was an amazing experience one I shall never forget. I now love flying, and I love planes.

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I have a little fear of flying but I want to be a pilot😂


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That’s kinda like me. I have a flying school 300 yards away from my house, and I’ve kinda wanted to try it.

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Hmmm… Ice Climbing. Haven’t done that in a few years.

In regards to the OP, you’re on the right track if you want to try and conquer that fear.


By using the sim you’re already kind of following one of the suggestions made by the BPS, “Show yourself how safe it is. Find out more about how planes fly and safety statistics”.

I’m hoping to my Psychology Dissertation on the fear of flying as it doesn’t sound like a fear that is taken particularly seriously by some. And it’ll give me an excuse to work with the local flight school :-)

Don’t let anyone tell you that your fear is embarrassing either, if it affects you enough to give you some real concern then it shouldn’t be belittled.

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Like when you are looking down a high building? I have a terrible fear of going to the top of the Eiffel Tower :p

Flying is also no problem for me. I can’t get enough of looking down on the earth!

Never had a fear of flying until I took some sky diving lessons 28 years ago. Ever since, every flight, the seat belt does not come off from take off to landing.

You mean parachuting out of a plane at FL330…? ;-)

Good on you for sharing Kevin!

Fear is nothing to be afraid of ;-)

Thank you for being so open, Kevin~~

I’m not afraid of flying. However, I do have a fear that if something like plane crash happens to me, I won’t get a quick death ;-)

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I have a fear of clowns, does this count 😂


I’m fine with everything on planes and heights but one thing bothers me. The economy seats. Maybe when I become rich and fly on emirates every time then I have nothing bothering me on a plane.

I’m afraid to go on rollercoasters and hate high buildings, as long as it has windows). I hate heights but love flying.

I’m kinda the same.
I absolutely hate roller coasters but love to go onto anything that’s above the ground