Embarrasing engine mistake

Casual flight from LIRF Roma to LSZH Zurich on the Expert server with the A340. On my decent I noticed that i had taken off, and been flying with only engine 2 and 3 on. Now i know why it barely took off. :/


First Welcome back to the community :D
With only two engines you saved at least some fuel lol
Did you turned on engine 1 and 4 before landing?

Yeah man, obviously xD I turned them on during decent lol. Anyway yeah thanks, its been a while…


Well, everyone makes mistakes, I once misstapped my engine 2 on the 737 when I were about to switch menu to APU stuff

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Phew luckily this was in a mobile flight simulator. It would be embarrassing to announce to your passengers that you were only flying with 2 engines for the majority of the flight 😳

I’m surprised you even got off the ground, considering the A340 feels underpowered with all 4 engines on 😳

Don’t worry, everyone makes mistakes! It’s part of the learning experience. I started following simple checklists to help me avoid simple mistakes, and it’s helped a lot 🙂


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