Embark Airlines - CANCELLED - @ KLAX - 021500ZDEC17

Server: Training

Region: the hecking universe

Airport: KLAX - KSFO

Time: 1500Z

NOTAM: Taking off rwy 24L

Heard of Embark Airlines? Thinking of joining but not sure? Kiss the sky with us this Saturday for a nice flight from KLAX to KSFO.

Aircraft: A318 red livery
737-700BBJ red livery


Terminal 2 GATE 22A : @PilotCorey
Terminal 2 GATE 23 : @Turkish_Airlines_34
Terminal 2 GATE 24 :
Terminal 2 GATE 25 :
Terminal 2 GATE 26 :
Terminal 2 GATE 27 :
Terminal 2 GATE 28 :
Terminal 2 GATE 21B :
Terminal 2 GATE 21A :


Please use proper format, I will try to clean it up for you but I need you to provide me a date :).

Whoops, my apologies. I mean Dec 1 but I accidentally deleted it.

Okay fixed it up for you, have fun with the event :)!


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You can put me at any gate!!! I’ll be in a a318

Wonderful! I’m adding you now…

Whoops! I’m sorry, I meant December 2.

Can I get a gate? Thank you very much.

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Of course! I will add you now.

Thanks, this will be my first live event.

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