Embark Airlines - Brand new thread!

Hello and welcome to the all new


Who Are We?

Embark Airlines is a newer VA to the Infinite Flight world. We are casual, and are straightforward about our flying. We focus on our pilots needs, not the needs of the company itself. We frequently take polls about which routes our pilots want to fly, new hubs, Andy even aircraft.

How are we different?

Unlike some airlines, we offer 3 main choices that are suited for you.

  • Military

  • Cargo

  • Passenger

We are pilot based, and focus on what they want. We use efficient tools to get the job done fast, such as SimBrief, Google Drive, and AirTable for top tier staff coordination.

Why should I join?

We are different. We are casual, and focus on what you need. We offer three very diverse choices for your flying needs. We also have routes spanning the globe, and a handful of aircraft to get you there.

👨🏼‍✈️ Rank Structure

Sky Hopper:

0 XP, 0 hours

Can fly: E-170, E-175

Junior Navigator:

100 XP, 1 hours

Can fly: Dash-8 Q400


300 XP, 2 hours

Can Fly: A318, A319

Junior First Officer:

500 XP, 4 hours

Can Fly: 737-700 BBJ,

First Officer:

800 XP, 6 hours

Can Fly: 787-9, 787-10,


1000 XP, 7 hours

Can Fly: 737-9

Senior Capitan:

1,500 XP 9 hours

Can Fly: 777-300ER, 777-200LR

🛫 Hubs

🤵 Staff:
CEO - @KindaAngrySliceOfPie
COO - @Freakish_Gamer
Head of Internal Affairs HIA-
Chief Route Manager - @PilotCorey
Chief Fleet Manager - @Ironman_Ballets
Recruiter -
Events Manager - @anon97848036
Chief Of Flight Operations - @Ironman_Ballets
Financial Manager - @Matthew_Sg

Thinking of joining?

PM (or communicate with) @KindaAngrySliceOfPie, @Ironman_Ballets, or @Freakish_Gamer to join in under 10 minutes!

Photos Of The Week Gallery



Hey everyone! I’m super proud to announce that we have revamped our thread! We’re currently working on a huge website overhaul, as well as new routes in the distant future. Happy flying!



I like that your livery is the private one for the a318. Very cleaver!

We’re always accepting new pilots and staff (sorry to hear about your VA) if you are looking to join.

P.s. I like our liveries too!

Shoot, why not? I’ll go ahead and do so!

Awesome! I’ll send you the stuff now!

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Looking awesome sent in a application

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Our Freight Services are now operational!

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Join please! Looking for members!

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Great Va Id recommend joining


I’m proud to be working with the team at Embark Airlines


I recommend joining this airline. They are very friendly and their events are fun!


Check it out, everyone! We have a youtube channel!

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This new video isn’t really appropriate is it. In the first part of the video you show your Grade 4 pilot taxing across grass on an active (not casual) server. This doesn’t really make your Vs seem professional at all. Are you sure you are IFVARB certified?


We definitely are certified (as of November 20, 2017) and everything we are doing in this video in intended to be funny. We currently are working on a serious promotional video. Thank you for your interest.


The same goes for AeroSync’s funniest moments series. Doesn’t seem serious either, does it?


No, but all of our videos are filmed on the casual server, rather than ts1 and expert where it is disrespectful to pilots


To add to Kirito, our intent was to be funny, as clearly stated in the title. Yours is just "EMBARK AIRLINES EP1’’ and makes your pilots look bad, rather than make us laugh. Hope you take this into consideration for the future.


I requested the staff member who posted the video to change the title to Embark Airlines Bloopers Ep. 1. Thank you for your opinion.


UPDATE: Hey everyone! Pie here, and today I am announcing something very, very important. Within the next few days, we will be operating the ‘Embark Airlines Air Guard’. An air guard consisting of four groups, with different squadrons. Including but not limited to:

  • 3 Strike Fighter Squadrons
  • 3 Airlift Squadrons
  • 3 Aggressor Squadrons
  • and 3 Refueling Squadrons

The aircraft we will be operating:

  • KC-10
  • F/A-18
  • F-16C
  • F-22
  • AC-130
  • C117 Globemaster III
  • 777-200F
  • C208


Refueling, Ground Missions, Formation takeoff, Formation flight, and formation landing.

Trainings will be carried out weekly and possibly a simulated air combat battle as a sort of test.

Oh yeah, and also:

We are putting together an advanced Fighter Tactics Instruction Team, or for short, TOP GUN. Train with the best of the best to learn how to dogfight.

Thanks everyone ;)



Interesting, best of luck! ☺