Emanuyh’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ EHEH



First let me clarify some things/statements which I have said at my last thread.

I have closed my last Thread due frustration which I and I think many of you guys too encountered at the Training Server on IF. Pilots who do not listen or whom trolls (This is not the fact that they are new and they do not know how to communicate with an ATC or so, but mostly because they want to do what they want to do and disregard everything and everyone else. I classify those pilots/people as trolls). While striving for perfection/professionalism, I had gain more frustration then knowledge, which made me decide to quiet the thread and playing ATC and focus on flying itself.

The last past few weeks I encountered these kinds of pilots on almost every session. Not only at busy hubs, but also at 'deserted’² airports/hubs. What frustrated me the most was that these pilots were not even on Grade 2 or 3, but on Grade 4 and 5.

However, also why I discontinued the thread is because due some circumstances, which had occurred in the 1st half of the year, I was not eligible to do the written test. After focusing on obtaining Grade 4 and by trying to fly better I received news that I could partake the test in a few weeks.

That is the reason why I am starting to open a (NEW) ATC Tracking Thread. I also requested to change my name to Menthesuphisthe the 4th³ to revolutionize/re-brand myself.

²: These are mostly were pilots are not inbounded at all, for example Chileka International Airport (FWCL).
³: Fun fact; Menthesuphisthe was the Greek name of Merenre Nemtyemsaf I, which was the fourth king of the Sixth Dynasty of Egypt.

So to end this first post by saying 2 statements. 1) If I am open I will be open for at least 50~60 minutes 2) If you put 2 fools in 1 bag you always hit good..


You will encounter these people on training server but if you work hard and get an IFATC recruiter and also a trainer you will get to be able to control on expert server in no time. Grades do determine how good at flying and ATC communications, I can no anything about flying and communications but fly all the time and achieve grade 4-5.

Thanks for your comment, already achieved grade 4, so I am trying to at least have grade 5 at the end of this year or beginning of 2020 :-).

[CLOSED] at OPKC - Karachi Jinnah International Airport² @ TS server

  • The frequencies that are active are Ground and Tower
  • Active time from 21:30 Zulu
  • Dep.- and Lnd RWS: 25R and 25L
  • Patternwork and straight departure is welcomed.

²: Jinnah International Airport is Pakistan’s busiest international and domestic airport. it is named after Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan.
³: If an end of the runway (approach) is coloured red, then it doesn’t mean its closed!

Coming by.


I’ll swing by if your open in the next 30-45 mins.

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I’ll come too

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This better not get flagged but @Emanuyh That dude was a total fool and I know it would have been another go around…

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Everything looked great. No misuse of commands, no mistakes, etc. I’d like to practice with more aircraft in the pattern, but for now, you look very well prepared for the practical. :)


The sequence that he put me in after you was perfect


Yep, loved that resequence action. Good awareness @Emanuyh.


My turn! 😂 ooo @Emanuyh Wanna handle appr/dept?

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Hello everybody, thanks for visiting Karachi Jinnah International, I’d like to apologise and announce that OPKC is closed for now, this is mostly due an immature pilot who makes inbound to OPKC be impossible and hostile.

I will open a different airport, which is located in Vietnam later.


Could you tell me the airport in the PM’s in advance so I can plan my flight

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Next airport will be VVNB, Nội Bài International Airport.

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[CLOSED] at VVNB - Noi Bai International Airport² @ TS server

  • The frequencies that are active are Ground and Tower
  • Active time from 00:30 Zulu
  • Dep.- and Lnd RWS: 11R and 11L
  • Patternwork and straight departure is welcomed.

Funfacts ;
²: Noi Bai International Airport is Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, is the largest airport in Vietnam in terms of total capacity.

Are you closed? You aren’t online

Same troller came, so I will go back when he is gone :-).

Argh… I’ll come as soon as you open

Come back to me