Email a user direct in-app via the info box

I would like to propose that a button be added to the info box that can be brought to the forefront of the screen when you click on the pilot and hit ‘show info’ or when you click on the airport and can see the open frequencies.

I find many times while flying that I want to reach out to the person to ask them a question regarding something that they did or I did, as a learning experience for either party.

What would the button do?

When you click the button, a default generic email gets sent directly to the other user’s email that they use for their Google or Facebook sign in, from your own email that you use as your Google or Facebook sign in.

The email would say the following:

Pilot to Pilot or ATC to Pilot:

“Hello [insert in-app display name], I have an inquiry regarding something that transpired while you were flying. Could you please respond to this email at your earliest convinence.”

Pilot to ATC:

“Hello [insert in-app display name], I have an inquiry regarding something that transpired while I was flying, and you were one of the controllers on duty. Could you please respond to this email at your earliest convenience.”

The person would then either chose to ignore the email or respond and start a conversation.

New Pilot Info Box:

New ATC Frequency Info Box:

On each respective site (Google, Facebook) each user has the option to opt in or opt out of sharing their email. If this were to be added; the next time the user logs into Infinite Flight, a message could pop up saying that there was a change to permissions, so that users could take action and opt out.

What if the other user opts out?

Once you send the message, a default message would be sent to you saying:

The user [insert in-app display name] that you have attempted to contact has opted out of email sharing.

I hope you like the concept!

I like the idea. For people with good intentions, it would be great. Being able to inform and train pilots without IFC is a good concept. However, since email itself can’t be regulated by staff members, it may lead to some abuse such as harassment and bullying. Would their be anyway that could be prevneted?


So how would you prevent spamming someones E-Mail? I can imagine that for example on casual there will be some people wo will spam your inbox so you disable the function.


You would simply opt out of email sharing in the Google or Facebook permission settings, and report the abuse to staff.

I dont know about anyone else, but the E-Mail I use is actually one my dad “owns” so I font think he wants to get E-Mails from IF during work…

I think this would need to be able to be turnned off on your end…

You could limit it to servers, expert server only. I’ve been thinking about the concept for quite some time. I prefer if it wasn’t limited to only the expert server so everyone could receive help. 🤷‍♂️


To “opt-out” defeats the purpose. Many of the pilots who do break the rules, are ignorant on changing the way they fly, because they don’t take IF as serious as other people. I’m sure there are many pilots willing to learn; furthermore, the trolls who truly need teaching could just tap a button and keep on trolling. Again, the concept is interesting, but still quite a few holes.

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I would love this so I can say sorry to trio easily. Lol

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I think that it’s a great idea but it would be abused by pilots. I also think that it isn’t necessary for a pilot to email an ATC since all IFATC have valid IFC accounts. Maybe a link directing the user to the ATC’s IFC account or just their IFC name so they don’t need to create “searching for” topics.

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I prefer doing it over the community. But I can see your point and how it might be useful.