Ellinair Airlines A319


%CE%95%CE%B9%CE%BA%CF%8C%CE%BD%CE%B11 About Ellinair:

Ellinair started operating in 2013… In 2015, scheduled flights were also added to Ellinairs routes and they now travel from 5 bases to 48 destinations

Main fleet

It consists of 10 aircrafts:

2 Airbus 319 of 144 seats

2 Airbus 320 of 180 seats

that are registered to the Hellenic Register. During high season:

4 Airbus 320 of 180 seats

2 Boeing 737/300 of 148 seats

City Country IATA ICAO Airport
Tbilisi Georgia TBS UGTB Tbilisi International Airport
Athens Greece ATH LGAV Athens International Airport
Corfu Greece CFU LGKR Corfu International Airport
Heraklion Greece HER LGIR Heraklion International Airport
Kavala Greece KVA LGKV Kavala Airport
Kithira Greece KIT LGKC Kithira Island National Airport
Mykonos Greece JMK LGMK Mykonos Island National Airport
Santorini Greece JTR LGSR Santorini (Thira) National Airport
Rhodes Greece RHO LGRP Rhodes International Airport
Thessaloniki Greece SKG LGTS Thessaloniki International Airport
Berlin Germany TLX EDDT Berlin Tegel Airport
Köln Germany CGN EDDK Cologne Bonn Airport
Frankfurt Germany FRA EDDF Frankfurt Airport
Munich Germany MUC EDDM Munich Airport
Stuttgart Germany STR EDDS Stuttgart Airport
Cluj-Napoca Romania CLJ LRCL Cluj International Airport
Katowice Poland KTW EPKT Katowice International Airport
Warsaw Poland WAW EPKT Warsaw Chopin Airport
Mineralnye Vody Russia MRV URMM Mineralnye Vody Airport
Moscow Russia SVO UUEE Sheremetyevo International Airport
Novosibirsk Russia OVB UNNT Tolmachevo Airport
Rostov-on-Don Russia ROV URRP Platov International Airport
Saint Petersburg Russia LED ULLI Pulkovo Airport
Yekaterinburg Russia SVX USSS Koltsovo Airport
Riga Latvia RIX EVRA Riga International Airport
Belgrade Serbia BEG LYBE Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport
Dnipropetrovsk Ukraine DNK UKDD Dnipropetrovsk International Airport
Kharkiv Ukraine HRK UKHH Kharkiv International Airport
Kiev Ukraine KBP UKBB Boryspil International Airport
Odessa Ukraine ODS UKOO Odessa International Airport
Route map

Why I would love to see this livery for the A319 on Infinite Flight

Greece is one of the most tourist-visited country in Europe, because of its scenery and places you can visit, while being there.There are many Greek airports that you can visit and the variety of them are on islands. Thats why I would love to fly with Ellinair Airlines around Greece and Europe, among with the already requested Aegean and Olympic Airlines.

If you would like to see the Ellinair livery, make sure you vote and post your opinion!!



Route map

Would be a nice aircraft to use for touristic routes in and out of Greece!


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Would love to see this in IF!

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Great request-post! I love the detailed information that you include.

The livery is great and i would love to have the livery, but im sadly out of votes :(


Got my vote! Very interesting livery and airline

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That’s true @Moonlit . Thanks for the support!!

@anon70624511 Me too 😉

Glad you like it @NordicFlyer

It is indeed @NeperQiell. Thanks for voting!!

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Nice features request i love to see this livery IF . You Got my vote.

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Very nive livery. Presonally I have flewn from Athens to Mykonos with Ellinair Airlines and was great. Voted!!

They have different people working on liveries and new aircrafts. Adding new liveries will not affect the time that it will take to add new planes i’m sure.

Adding to what @NordicFlyer said, there are other topics which you can vote for rework: F16, F18. If you missed the Flight Sim Expo, the developers are also working the A-10 and will be probably added in the near future.


New planes aside, time is not the only resource FDS needs. Why do you think we have to pay 5$ to buy this game and a 10$ live subscription? Because they need money. Every dollar they spend making new liveries on an aircraft that has 10, is a dollar taken away from other parts of development in one way or another. Game devs including myself all try to get around this, but the budget is the budget.

Sadly I am not TL2 yet, which means I can’t ask for that. But my original points stand

No need to discuss here about the in-app purchases. If you like and want Ellinair Airlines, please vote. If not, please dont discuss here about the money. What you say doesnt exist…nothing is take away from other parts of the development!!

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looks good if the that livery was added to Infinite Flight, I like the tail part of the plane, I agree if that livery of Ellinair is added, good post, Thomas😃👍

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Why do you think the moderators and staff ask the community what they want the most? It’s a simple fact of game development, and is relevant to the conversation if we are looking to have meaningful, unbiased, discussion

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Thanks @Fariz_Rizky. Appreciate your help!!

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Again what you say is irrelevant to the discussion. If you want to add amything else, feel free to PM me or a mod.



Let users request what they want. No need to initiate a major discussion about it.

Thank you.


I will try to free a vote for this one!

That’s quite a few routes for such a small fleet! A very nice livery and it would definitely be nice to see some Greek airlines, unfortunately I’m out of votes!

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