Elite Server future


I have been thinking about ways to make IF the most realistic as possible. While I think it’s very good now, I would like a future IF where it’s as close to the real thing as possible.
Maybe an Elite server, (or other name), where the pilot has a min of 75,000 xp and a status min. of 95%
Then additions of checklists for pilots, live weather additions, NOTAMs, engine start up/shut down, and many other additions to make the flying as real as possible.
This would need very experienced ATC as well.

These are just thoughts. I know Devs are extremely busy. Maybe incremental additions with future updates.



Good idea but I think this would be in the far future.


Probably, but it would be something to look forward to.


I guess so but some of those features are not even added yet.

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Believe it or not, there used to be an expert server. Similar, high-level statistics were required to enter. The problem was that nobody flew on it because the chance of being ghosted for some reason was pretty high (usually it was from requesting a frequency change when holding-short of the runway)


Yeah, it lasted a week max - the advanced server was already pretty low on numbers at the time, and the expert server had a fraction of advanced users flying, - sort of defeating the purpose.

Who knows, it might come back - Live is still quite a young feature, so I’m sure there are lots of unexplored possibilities. But for now the advanced server fulfils that role well enough.


like Remaining in the pattern


Yeah they said “any mistakes or misuse of ATC commands will result in ghosting” lol


That’d be nice


I’m just projecting into the future. I was looking for as real of an experience as possible. In the cockpit, at airports, and of course when flying.



Or just increase requirements for the current advanced server. Requirements right now of 80% standing and 5000 XP can be achieved so quickly and easily, while still racking up violations. I support increasing to 95% standing at least. It really isn’t hard to maintain 100% standing even with the occasional accidental over speed violation.


I guess you could call it an idea that came too early.