Elite_Gaming's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @HECA

i’m coming for 1 pattern, i will write all of the feedbacks here

@Ramzi_Khairan Sorry for keeping you holding short for so long

Closing in 5 minutes

Feedback from N1RK


-No issues,Nice job!


-[13:26:22] unnecessary Holdshort. PK-IDR was already airborne, you can justt give me Takeoff Clearance

-[13:28:31] No need to LUAW since PK-IDR was already on downwind, i dont know what was you intentions there
I have to wait for 3 minutes to get my takeoff clearance and it wasn’t necessary and not efficient

-Late Sequence (late downwind) could’ve given that earlier at crosswind or early downwind

-[13:33:22] Unnecessary Extend donwiwnd you could just sequence me and i will adjust it by myself.

-[13:35:17] should’ve given “turn base” instead of “enter Right base 05C

-No Clearance so i had to go around

I highly recommend you to Read IFATC Manual and watch IFATC Tutorial made by tyler

Overall its still not good but you can keep it up by read the manuals,watch the youtube video and also read all the feedbacks and you can be lot better on your next session. Thanks for having me🙂

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I m coming!

[CLOSED] Thank you all for the feedback

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Tag me and @Syncline next time u open again

All runways available
Pattern Work Allowed
Also looking to practice dealing with ground conflicts if possible

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On my way sir

Note: Just make it horrible as ur requested

Im coming now as a tbm

Sorry for being a noob forgot to calibrate

Coming now.

thank you to everyone that came things got a bit tricky with all the traffic and rejected takeoffs it was good practice


Feedback, as 9V-SHH

8/10. U make me holding short for no reason. After Landing roll you make me wait in the runway until you said “exit the runway”.

After all. It was great services. Thank you 😊👍

Just tag me if u want to do it again sir. C ya

Feedback from N17EE

[18:15:18Z] - Transition is too low at 1,000ft for HECA. To caluclate it you take the airport’s elevation in which this case HECA’s is 466ft , then you add 2,500 to that which equals 2,966ft . Then you round it to the nearest 500 which in this case would be 3,000.

[18:16:50Z] - For inbounds I must get an pattern entry + sequence ( if there’s someone to sequence me on the same runway with ) , if you can’t sequence me then you can clear me.

So the best for my current position would be , N17EE enter left base Runway 5L , since you were using the 5’s at that time. Then you would clear me since theres no one to sequence me on for 5L. I will provide resources below to help you get an better understanding for them.

[18:21:02Z] - No need to give G-JBDN an immediate takeoff. I was still out from landing by 11nm . Just give them an takeoff clearance for 5C. Also you don’t need to give him fly runway heading until at or above 1000 feet. Traffic was not too close for that to be needed.

[18:21:57Z] - To make departures quicker instead of telling Experimental 02 Heavy to hold short of 5C , give him an Line up and wait command. That way as soon as G-JDBN was off and away from the runway you could of cleared him for takeoff.

[18:27:43Z] - Instead of saying unable this is how you do runway changes . First since I requested a change to 5L I need an pattern entry + sequence ( if you can ) + then an clearance. So this is what would of been the best in this situation. " N17EE enter left downwind runway 5L . " then " N17EE runway 5L cleared for the option , after the option make left traffic. Because I need an direction to continue my pattern work since I’ve requested an runway change.

[18:27:17Z] - Same for this one , I must need an pattern entry + sequence ( if you can ) + then an clearance. Enter right downwind would been the best pattern entry since I’ve just departed 5C. Then you can clear me , but you must make sure to include what pattern direction I should do next . ( Continued Below )

Right traffic would been the best , because its more easier. Left Runways make Left Traffic , Right Runways make right traffic. Its not an rule to do that , but if you do that its makes your controlling very much easier to identify which aircraft is on which runway , which pattern are they doing ?

Also one quick note I want to point out , If you don’t know how to do runway changes yet thats fine with telling them " unable" . Whats not ok is some not following instructions and changing runways even when you told them unable. It just adds to the confusion. I also recommend you to open smaller airports I will recommend some below , so you can avoid some of the trolls that just make your session experience very bad.

[18:48:30Z] - Same here instead of telling 9V-SHH to hold short of 5C , give him an line up and wait command so when Experimental is clear you can give him the clearance.

[18:49:36Z] - Remember not to get focused with one pilot , N1EC was overhead and was inbound for landing , the first transmission was not answered.

[18:52:55Z] - Exit runway command was given very late . I’m glad you noticed that " cleared for the option " , means that you can land aswell , but try to aim below 70 knots for the ideal exit runway command.

Summary - I will leave some resources for you below to help you better understand some of theses. I will also like to add that some of the aircraft on the ground did not understand how do to an pattern. I’ve heard multiple times people saying " stand by " for no reason at all . Not once , not twice , but 3 times I’ve heard someone say it in a row for no reason ! For thoses you will just have to start ignoring those commands , because it adds to the confusion .

Ending Remarks - Theses resources should help you on your atc skills. Reading the whole ATC manual helps aswell. Have an nice rest of your day and feel free to pm me if you have any questions :) Airports recommend - KIND , KAUS , KDTW , KALB , and theres more aswell if you need some.


Feedback, I was N1EC:

  • [18:42Z] Transition altitude of 1000ft was too low. Remember the transition formula: 2500 + airport elevation = transition altitude. In this case it was 3000ft since airport elevation is of 466ft.

  • [18:47Z] Waited a while to receive a pattern entry instructions on my inbound. Had to request twice.

  • [18:49Z] You didn’t give me a pattern entry. This is a MUST when an aircraft calls inbound without a radar controller and when an aircraft requests a runway change. In that case, the correct pattern entry to give would be: “enter left downwind 05L.”

  • [18:49Z] You cleared me for the option, correctly, as I was inbound for touch and go. You didn’t include the traffic direction, though. Again, this is a MUST as the pilots needs to know in which direction to turn after completing the touch and go. In that case, the appropriate traffic direction to give would be: “make left traffic for RWY 05L”.

Make sure to familiarize yourself with the IFATC manual, especially the sections Nee linked above.

If you have any further questions about the feedback please let me know.

Thank you for the feedback I’ll take it into consideration and I’ll try to manage all the traffic without forgetting about some aircraft. Next time I’ll try open at a smaller airport


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