Elite_Gaming's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @HECA

Training Server
All 3 runways
I’m looking to start my journey to IFATC so I want to get some practice
looking forward to it :)


Tower and ground

For those who aren’t aware HECA is Cairo International Airport

Im spawn right now

if still open later i come

Thanks for the service

[CLOSED] I have to eat lunch now and I don’t want to keep the family waiting I’ll open again in approximately 30 minutes

No problem

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Feedback: F-LTGT

  1. No need to ask for intention at the beginning. Pilots need to prepare themselves for the flight at the gate, so be patient and give them some time.
  2. You seems not prepared for controlling pattern flying. I was given a landing clearance on final, which should have been a clear for the option when I enter downwind. In the second pattern you didn’t sequence me behind 9V-SHH.
    9V-SHH’s phraseology was incorrect. There’s no need to call inbound if you are flying local patterns.

I can see that you still have a lot to learn. I suggest reading the ATC manual thoroughly before controlling.

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Thank you for the feedback I’ve spent an hour or two looking through it

Only Runway 05C and 05R
Pattern Work allowed

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Affirm, im join

Thanks a lot sir

Do you still open?

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Yes still open

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Sorry my app was crashed 🥺. how long will you open HECA? Maybe I’ll be back in 15mins

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I will stay open for the next 30 minutes but I will stay longer if there is traffic

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Okay, give me a little moment, I’ll be back

Feedback: F-LTGT
You are making progress! Keep up the good work!
The runway change was not correct. Each runway change must followed by a pattern entry, in my case, “enter left downwind 05R” since I already turned left. If I was still in upwind you can let me enter right DW for better management. Then the clearance should include new pattern directions since I no longer fly in the previous runway 05L pattern. For 05R it’s best to say “after the option, make right traffic.”
After that, when I depart to the north, it would be better if you give me the frequency change when I was near the edge of tower airspace, instead of me requesting it.
If you want to learn quicker, check out this tutorial made by Tyler which contains every aspect of ATC practice test!


Thank you for the feedback I’ll take a look at that after closing