Eligible For ATC Tracking Thread?

Good morning everybody!

As always, here I am for a little question.

I was just about to post my ATC tracking thread when I read in the topic ‘About ATC Category’ the following: ‘Please refrain from doing these unless you are in the process of joining the official IFATC team to control the expert server.’

I am not in the process of joining the official IFATC team at the moment. However, I’d like to strengthen my controlling skills to maybe join, in the near future, the ATC team.

So the question is: am I allowed to post a tracking thread then?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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I see no reason why you cannot create an ATC Thread. It’s a good step towards getting into IFATC process whenever you are ready. I would say you should be ok to create one.


It’s perfectly fine too, before i applied for IFATC i did some sessions on my Tracking Thread. It’s a great way to improve skills. If your going to make it, i suggest looking at this useful topic on how to structure it:

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Alright, thanks very much for your help! I was wondering how I could handle it if I weren’t allowed to post a tracking thread, lol.

Will also take a look at the guide. Appreciated!


Yes you are allow to post it in there.


Just opened it. Thank you for helping!

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I may join if I have time

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