Elias_Elfvengren’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ EFLP

So I’m getting training for ifatc. I would like to get few people to EFLP to fly patternwork. Meaby 3 please sing yourself in and come to fly. If we hit any problems like atc is reserved ill inform you here! lets do it at 8.30 Zulu time.

Please reformat your post so it’s a tracking thread. That includes the title.

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You mean that i shoud change topic name? Any recommendations?

Read the tutorial.

i read it how to even do it? Im not too familiar with posts.

Just copy this.

Elias_Elfvengren’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A

Do you mean to topic?

That’s for the title

Like this?

I can go if you make it slightly earlier :)

How early?

8:30 zulu? It’s 12:50AM for me so I don’t really want to stay up until 2 if it’s possible

Absolutely fine

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Awesome, thanks

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Is there a certain type of aircraft? I’d think a CRJ could be good possibly

Coud you check the airport? Dont take too big airplane.

Yeah take small plane not bigger than 737/320

Alright, I’ll take A318 as that’s the one that they use in the practical test. I also got the IFAssistant today so I’m eager to try it out!

I’m gonna scout out the area now, my callsign will be N83PM. If you take atc there, look for me

Any friends to invite? One plane is not enough.

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