Elevators not responding

Hi, my tail elevators aren’t responding when i move my device, preventing me from even taking off. I’ve never touched my settings and my device is the same iPhone i’ve been using for the entirety of my subscription, as far as i know there is no issue with my phone and the game has randomly chosen not to make my elevators work, my flaperons on my wings work so it isn’t my device. any help is much appreciated. reinstalling the app and setting default controls didn’t work either!

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Have you tried doing a full reboot of your device?

Forgive me if I’m being a touch amateur here but this has happened to me before, you didn’t accidentally engage autopilot? I’ve had it where AP appears off but v/s is engaged? just a thought

This happened to me the day before yesterday for the first time and I was really confused. Rebooting the app didn’t work for me but rebooting my phone made it work once again. Try that!

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