Elevator Trim Wheel Rework

It would be awesome to have moving elevator trim wheels (if the aircraft is equipped) in the 3D cockpit view whenever elevator trim is actuated by the pilot or autopilot.

In addition, many aircraft to include heavies & GA aircraft have electronic elevator trim as the primary system. As such there’s a sound effect when elevator trim is actuated (many have probably heard the 737’s “pinball machine” like sound effects lol).

If these features could be added that would be awesome and improve both realism & situational awareness while in 3D cockpit view. Feel free to comment, thanks.

Sounds like a good feature! It probably look better if they reworked the whole cockpit for each aircraft although that would take a long time.


Thanks. It could be implemented one aircraft at a time hopefully starting with the MD-11/DC-10 lol

Renamed for clarity 😉, sounds like a good feature!

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You mean that spinny thing next to the throttles? On the 737 and Airbus A/C at least…


Yes Sir. On the 737 it’s makes a pinball machine like noise while rotating. General aviation aircraft typically have a trim wheel near the center console. Some older aircraft like the DHC Beaver have elevator trim knobs on the ceiling, etc but most aircraft have elevator trim wheels.


That’s what I thought, I have actually turned the lever to trim up a 737 for the next takeoff once, pretty cool machine!


Nice. I think the trim wheel has a pop out handle on the side of it so you can manually actuate the wheel (the wheels are normally actuated electronically)