Elevator Moving Next To Horizontal Stabilizer

Hi everyone!

My feature request is to add the elevator (if it isn’t there) and to make it controllable by IF pilots. Why? It helps to replicate realistic aerodynamics with pilots allowed to control the pitch.

The elevator can be set to the angle desired by the pilot. This will either cause the nose to go up or down, depending on the angle of attack.

image https://www.grc.nasa.gov/www/k-12/airplane/Images/elv.gif

I’m confused. Most of the aircraft we have already have movable control surfaces. The only ones that don’t such as the C17, may not have them and are eligible for a rework. If that’s the case, then you can continue the discussion in the C17 Rework topic.

But if you could clarify anything else, and maybe I’m missing the mark, we already have this.


@ran I believe what you’re talking about here is the horizontal stabilizer, not the elevator. On most if not all IF aircraft, the elevator moves. The elevator is what controls the lateral axis of a plane which affects pitch, and we (obviously) can pitch our planes up and down in IF.


I meant about the elevator. The elevators cannot be controlled in game. We cannot change angle of attack.

Even if we cannot control it, maybe it should be realistic and move. The planes don’t have moving elevator upon landing and takeoff. It is outlined on the aircraft, but doesn’t move.

The A321 doesn’t have moving elevators.

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We do have moving elevators in IF… and we can control them… they’re what allow us to pitch up and down.


We can change the angle of attack…I am really confused here…

Show us footage from Infinite Flight of the elevators not moving @ran


On the A380, the elevator is connected to the horizontal stabilizer, but doesn’t move. It is just part of it, doesn’t move like the flaps.

Airbus A321

Elevator up

Elevator down

This is the same aircraft you said doesn’t have moving elevators


You mean here:


That’s how it is IRL (I think)

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The elevator is actually moving , if you look closely it’s moving upwards from the horizontal stabilizer creating pitch and then controlling the aircraft’s nose to go up or down. You can have a look at the example @DeerCrusher gave for further visualization.


The A380’s elevators work just fine.


That’s weird…

The elevators don’t move in mine…


Is your autopilot on?


Nope, it’s not on.



In this picture (which is cropped from yours) - the elevator is pitched up.

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Go in-game, record the elevators going up and down, share it to google drive then put it here so we can see how it’s not moving.

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Well, okay now I see what you mean @BennyBoy

I didn’t see that, kept thinking the outlined part on the top would move.

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@ran that is what you are confused with - the horizontal stabiliser doesnt move, the elevator does


Yep, I think I saw the wrong thing, must have confused the outline part on the stabilizer for the elevator on the A321

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@DeerCrusher this can be closed - confusion and question resolved