Elevator Lock Issues

Hi there. I have encountered a problem with the elevators over the last few flights I have carried out. I have activated the autopilot and set it to climb to around 40,000ft at a steady vertical speed and after leaving my aircraft to it’s own devices I have noticed that somehow the elevators are locked up pulling the nose up into a stall. Even when I callibrate the controls they are still in full lock. When I look in the settings it shows that the device believes I am pulling the stick back fully. I just wanted to know if anybody else is experiencing these problems. I am not a pro subscriber unfortunately and I am on an iPhone 6. The aircraft have both been almost fully laden and they were Boeing 747-400 and Boeing 787-9 aircraft. This may seem irrelevant but the incidents were both over the Chicago region. I tried to save the 747 and get it down and the problem sorted itself out after about 10mins. Thanks for reading.

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The main reason this is happening since you are just too heavy to be with a fully laden 747 at 40000ft.

Try climbing to something like 28000 or 30000 and climb later so you burn fuel and become lighter.
That ^ is called Step Climbing, here is a nicely written tutorial by CrusherDeer

This should help.


Hello, the plane might be pulling up because your speed may be too slow with a high vertical speed.

Thanks for that but I belive this is an accelerometer problem as it believes I am pulling up when my device is callibrated and level

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Since its on A/P. your A/P struggles to keep the plane level at 40000, it pulls up to increase upward lift, but it cannot.

As you get higher, your vertical speeds needs to decrease. Otherwise you are going to stall like you described. After around 18,000 I have to adjust my VS when climbing.

What VS are you setting it to?

Around 200fpm after 30,000ft

Can you please launch and check how the “Compass” app in iOS behaves if you swipe to the left to get the leveling tool?

0 degrees vertically and horizontally

No matter how you tilt your device?

When my device is vertical and horizontal the display is on 0 degrees. My device is fine in every other aspect of the sim and the accelerometer eventually clocks on to my inputs but just for that period of time I have almost no control over pitch. It may be because I am trying to do long flights without a pro subscription by using the NAV autopilot function to fly round and round regions. I have done this before without problems several 8 hour flights it is just the last two attempts where the elevators have locked

I mean, if you turn your device around randomly, does the 0 degrees change?

Slight variation but only by one or two degrees

Then you have a accelerometer issue that’s located within your device.

I’ve seen this on iPhone 6 previously, and usually a simple restart takes care of it. If you’ve already tried that, a factory reset might help but there’s no guarantee. Worst case: Your accelerometer is bust… and it’s a tiny chip so not much that can be done there without replacing the logic board in your device (Not cheap…)

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Thank you for your help. I shall try to get it sorted.

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