Elevation in map

Today, after seeing the tutorial(Thank you aeronaut for that!) about how you takeoff,turn right(or left)3times(not at the same time!),do a final approach and land in the same runway, I was so excited and went to try it out in Southern California region,KNZL runway 25 left. Well, after I took the first 2 right turns I saw there were some mountains ahead. I thought we would turn right before we hit it but I was wrong…I crashed into the mountains as I was taking the right turn.

Uploading… Pictures show the final moments. So if the map shows elevation, we can avoid this.

Oh and I was on freeflight

The are no elevation maps in real world, so it wouldn’t be realistic having them in IF.
Go on AirNav AirNav: Airport Information and search for the procedures.

Use ForeFlight

I always fly my pattern at 2.500’ - 3.500’ AGL from the airport elevation - maybe that would prevent you crashing in the mountains! Btw if you have any questions concerning IF or want some help - just pm me ;)

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Ok - I learn every day. I relied on a YouTube tutorial when I started flying

I was flying on 2500 feet

Atleast now I have 85% standing…Now I can do it on KLAX or KSFO where there is less terrain.

Thank you so much!

So, as I was flying to palm springs from lax I descended almost into the mountains. It would be good to have terrain map though I admif also I should’ve checked approach maps beforehand.

That’s true, planning is everything- but it still happens.
The above ground level (AGL) instrument in the instrument dock can help to avoid bad surprises.

I would use the STAR to approach airports
with high terrain around them.

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As a PIC your ment to look out for terrain your self. Tho IRL (I think) they have instruments that tell them about the terrain and how high it is and how far you are from it and what not

I agree with all of the above. Not sure how many conscientious flyers out there who actually plan their flight. So I thought it’s a nice little request. To be honest this goes back to the whole issue of flying SIDs/STARS in IF, which hopefully will be implemented soon


Does anybody know of an app that offers airport and approach diagramme, or is it only available online? If so, where best to find it? Thanks

For USA just use airnav.com
For everything else google for ‘[airport icao code] charts’ EDDK charts for example

I really like this idea, since it would be quite helpful while planning Flight Plans. I know more than once I’ve been too close to the ground on airport approaches. An overlay for the map in the HUD that would look similar to the ATC map would be great!

In the topic below users discuss STAR and apps among other things. Maybe the information offered there helps…: