Elefanths’s Radar Tracking Thread - [Closed] @KMIA

Hey, as I am starting to get better with approach on infinite flight i though it was a good idea to make this so it will help me learn faster. This is a thread for radar so it is no normal patterns.

How to do the patterns:

  • Takeoff at an airport near where I am controlling (you can takeoff at the airport i am controlling)
  • Tune in to approach and request visual, GPS or ILS approach
  • When i clear you you can do a touch and go and tune back in to approch. (you can stop when you want)
  • Let me know if you get within 3 nm from other planes or 1000 feet agl over terrain.

Open at KMIA for 30-60 min

runway 23B is in use

Closed now.

Are you open now?

i just closed, i got 2 patterns in 80 min so i just closed

Thats not too good, I would stop by but I do continuous logbook in Europe

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Opening appr and dep in palm beach! Come down and have some fun as @Captain_Cign also controls T&G :)

you can even do radar T&G’s once in a lifetime opportunity to get a great radar operator on TS!

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I have to close due to dinner, might open after

Open at KMIA for 30-60 min

I am closed

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