Elefanths’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED]

Hi IF community.
I am open now at EPWA on training server. Hope you can come and rate my controlling skills. I am thinking about becoming a IFATC.


Sweet see you there 😁

thanks :) mate

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I’ll head over too.

i’m coming callsign SF7205Z

nice thank you all for comming

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Sorry I had to leave.
A few things to work on:

  • you don’t need to give the direction of traffic when clearing for the option. The only times when you do is when an aircraft is inbound for touch and goes, are you want them to change direction of traffic E.G. if I was on left traffic and you wanted to switch me to right traffic. More info here:
  • there is no need for a I’ll call your base command. All you really need to do is sequence them

  • A more appropriate thing to have done instead was to sequence me in front of the TBM as a 737 is a lot faster, also, I was in front of him
  • I can’t remember who was taking off but at one point when one aircraft was starting his takeoff roll on runway 33, @Kuba_Jaroszczyk was one final for 29, causing a potential conflict as the runways intersect. The more appropriate thing to do would have been to tell the other aircraft to line up and wait, meaning @Kuba_Jaroszczyk wouldn’t have to maintain slowest practical speed.
  • Me and @Kuba_Jaroszczyk we’re on final at intersecting runways, which would have left to a very big conflict if I hadn’t had gone around

  • Transition altitude was given a little high. It’s given at 2500 feet AAL, meaning 3000 feet as Warsaw is at 300 feet. 2500+300= 2800 rounding to 3000.

ok thanks for coming and i will try and improve.

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So… hehe I had to leave since a little mistake was made. After I took off from runway 33, I requested a touch and go, and of course you cleared me for the option.

The point is, after I landed you told me to turn right and expedite the runway. This resulted me on aborting my touch and go out of confusion and just left the game.

About your overall controlling, it’s good, except watch out on mistakes like this and of course runway intersections. Poor @TimShan05 had to go around which I also thought of doing this so while we both almost had landed at the same time. Close one. Watch this video also for the fun: Youtube: Chicago Midway close collision: aborting takeoff, close call!

And of course I made a little mistake with the departure, I should “remain in the pattern” instead of departing North to avoid confusion.


So quite good I liked that after the LOT pushed back you let them taxi and told me to hold even though I had plenty of room to go you thought ahead knowing that a C172 would have a slower departure than a 737-800. You then allowed me to make Left traffic and enter left downwind behind your already structured arrivals.

After my landing one advice is that you can A tell me to exit runway left or right and contact ground or B coming off the taxiway I did Ask me to cross 29.

Other than that you did very well and hope to see you as IFATC one day 😁. Btw I chose the C172 because it’s one of the hardest aircraft to work around on pattern with jets.

Thanks for the great controlling.

sorry yeah i didnt remaber that you sad touch and go. you where solowing down under 90 knots so i thought you was going to leave the runway. thanks for comming and giving me tips! :)


You told me to maintain slowest practical speed. ;)

yeah was about to say it but you where alredy exiting the runway. Thanks for comming!

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Ohh ok don’t worry then 😁

gotta go now thanks you all for comming!


I am now open at ENGM Runway 19R and L in use

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Open now at SACO! 01 and 05 in use

i am now open at denver for 30 min

I am now open at EDDM I passed the IFATC written test. Practical is soon please come

Congratulations for passing exam I cant make it right now but hope you do well in practical exam

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