Elefanths’s ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @N/A

closing in 5 min! Thanks to everyone who came!

Right @Elefanths, great vectoring today, just a few small comments from me!


  • The Maintain greater than 220kts command is not just over controlling in some ways but also negatively impacts me as the pilot in many ways, especially with you doing the right base approach, this is because the faster I am the more I have to bank to stay in the Approach cone when intercepting especially with such a sharp angle! I had to bank very hard not to miss it! Next time I would recommend taking me a bit further away from the cone so I can have time to readjust back onto Localizer!
  • Secondly, I especially liked how you had us both having on a base to final approach, just like IFATC Officers would do during FNF’s especially on Parallel Runways!
  • I know this is going to sound hard to believe but I would recommend (if of course you do get permission from Tyler first) to control a busier airport. Why? Just to familiarise yourself with the commands and most importantly get used to the pressure and multitasking like your life depends on it!
  • Also switch me over to Tower, I should not have to ask!

Great Job today, I can definitely see you as a Radar Controller in the future, just keep practising!
Happy Flying :D

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  • I needed that command to get some space between you guys, I should probably have set a bit slower speed tho

  • About controlling on bigger airports in no good idea, this is training no one followes approach

  • last about the switching to tower, I should switch you before you are on the ILS and ready to land, so you requested it a bit early :)

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openeing for half an hour at LFBO

@KailasSrinivasan and @Captain_Cign I am open now :)


closed now. As no one came.

I was asleep then :(


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