Elefanths’s ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @N/A

Hello IFC! I am soon applying to be an IFATC officer so i though i could need some experience. So i am opening as approach at airports in Infinite flight! This is almost same as with normal tracking threads just with approch.

How to do the patterns:

  • Takeoff at an airport near where I am controlling (you can takeoff at the airport i am controlling)
  • Tune in to approach and request visual or ILS approach
  • When i clear you you can do a touch and go and tune back in to approch. (you can stop when you want)

Note: I got permision by Tyler to open at Training server (IFATC’s is normaly not allowed to open there)

Thanks if you come!


Opening at EGPF if anyone can come :)

I’ll drop by! Cancun airport is too busy anyway lol

Thank you!

I can’t do now, but can you tag me when you open so I know when you open? Or you can DM me on slack. :)

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I am currently In a flight, how long will you be open for? 😉

mabye 40 min or so

Nah, I’ll come in 1:30.

Sorry 😢.

ok no problem :)

Please tag me when you are next open, I would love to come when you are open!
Happy Flying :D

Thank you!

@ToasterStroodie please fly runway heading untill i give you more instructions

Just saw this, sorry. At when exactly was this? I haven’t been paying that close attention

When you contacted me you just truned :) Please don’t do that next time

Ah yes, my bad!

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@Elefanths great… glasgow tower is online

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Thanks to Chris wing for coming!

Thanks for ATC’ing! Overall, pretty solid imo. Your altitude assignments and heading vectors were on point. My only two suggestions are be a big more proactive in handing aircraft to tower/unicom, and to watch speeds. I was going rather fast when I intercepted the localizer, but that’s more on me than anything else. Good work!

Thanks so much! I can’t wait to apply for IFATC officer!

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I reckon you’ll be a great radar controller. Best of luck!

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