Electric Aircraft Crashed In Norway

Yesterday, an electric aircraft had to emergency land on a lake in Norway, the reason behind it is said that the engine stopped mid air.

The police got a message 14:42 local time

Onboard the aircraft, that belonged to Avinor, was the CEO of Avinor, Dag Falk-Petersen and some Norwegian politician

He said after the accident that it could’ve ended much worse. Both passengers were unharmed


Avinor is a government owned company, running most of Norway’s commercial airports




Avinor AS is a state-owned limited company that operates most of the civil airports in Norway. The Norwegian state, via the Norwegian Ministry of Transport and Communications, controls 100 percent of the share capital. Avinor was created on 1 January 2003, by the privatization of the Norwegian Civil Aviation Administration known as Luftfartsverket. Its head office is in Bjørvika, Oslo, located on the seaside of Oslo Central Station. Avinor owns and operates 44 airports in Norway, fourteen in ass…


TV 2

Elfly styrtet - endte i vannet

ARENDAL/OSLO (TV 2): Et elfly som statsråd Ola Elvestuen fikk prøvefly med onsdag, gikk ned i terrenget kun timer senere. Avinors konsernsjef satt bak spakene.

Notes: I don’t believe there are any English sources, please post one of you find one

Electric Aircraft Emergency Landing In Norway


I’m relieved this ended how it did. No death.

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I’m glad both pilots survived!

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Obviously it’s not time for electric planes yet


Not necessarily, it could be a factory fault.

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Yikes, I know these 2 don’t mix well

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I’m glad everyone survived.

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Good job!
Dag Falk-Petersen is a former F-16 pilot and SAS 737 pilot.

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