Electra Airways A320

Electra Airways A320-214

Electra Airways is a European charter and ACMI airline with the headquarter in Sofia (Bulgaria). The airline currently operates flights in Europe (Poland, Italy, Bulgaria, Greece, etc), North Africa (Tunisia), and the Middle East.

Electra Airways Airbus A320-214 | LZ-EAH

I think this livery is quite interesting if one day it can be added to the simulator, and maybe in the future there could be a VA / VO charter, I think that would be very cool, feel free to give a vote if you like

That’s a nice livery - we don’t see bright orange on liveries that often so it undoubtedly stands out.

And before someone says it, EasyJet is a considerably darker, more subtle orange…

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Actually, for this type of A320, I saw there was a red color too, but I was more interested in the orange one 😂

Isn’t this a hybrid livery? Ex: Ultra air

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It seems so, this livery has previously been with Ultra Air