Eldrago's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Welcome to my thread fellow pilots, controllers and IFC members!
I’ve been flying in the IF skies since last year and IFATC Specialist since mid 2023. Currently I’m preparing for my Radar Practical and I’d appreciate some volunteers who won’t mind getting crashed and kind enough to give a feedback, even if a small one!

I’ll be posting here regularly whenever I open on training server and volunteers can fly in to the airport.

Some advisories to pilots:

Pilot Etiquette:

  • Request approach when within 50nm from airport.
  • When below 10,000ft, do not exceed 250 knots*.
  • Do not exceed 210 knots when within 20nm of an airport*.
  • Try to comply with all instructions given by the trainee, even when questionable*.

Lastly I’m gladly accepting any feedbacks via PM or discord (eldrago.)
Thanks community! Looking forward to be an efficient and helpful radar controller.

Current topics of focus:
(Approach frequency)

  • ILS
  • VIS
  • RV


tag me when open!

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