Elderly Passenger Dies on a JetBlue Flight

This is a really sad story. Please take a read if you’re interested.


Condolences to the family of the passenger who died. RIP :(


Condolences for the family. Can’t imagine going through that

My thoughts and sincerest condolences with to the relatives and friends.

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sincere condolences to family and relatives

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Unfortunately it happens more than you would think. Pressure changes and sitting in one position for a while can have an impact on ones body. Elderly people especially. That is one reason they always suggest to do foot stretches and touches while seated to keep the blood flowing in the lower extremities to prevent clots and DVT.


Yeah, that’s unfortunate. It’s happened many times before…

Some bigger commercial planes have a compartment to put a (dead) body in if this happens. Otherwise if they don’t have anywhere to put the passenger, they are laid on the carpet.

My mom, who was a flight attendant, told me that if there’s ever a case like this, act like the person is alive. Like they would offer drinks, act like they’re sleeping etc. Personally I think it’s pretty disrespectful. Luckily my mom never had to do this.


Or that works too, but it’s kinda hard to fake it and it’s even more devistating if you found out a flight attendant was lying.

I’d get made at the fluff attendant.

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Some sort of china airlines uh?

Air Macau to be specific.

Not surprising 😂 we’ve all had bad experiences with them… The only one that was extremely better den all these china airlines was like CX

It does seem disrespectful most airlines will go as far as put them in a seat out of respect rather then leaving them on the floor but that’s just silly pretending they are alive and offering them drinks. What airline?

Read the posts above ^ It’s Air Macau.

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I think it being a pretty small airline compared to others they haven’t trained their staff properly in this sort of situation mainly because it won’t be as likely to happpen then if it was a large flag carrier so I guess it makes sense why this would be done but it’s definitely not a good way to handle the death

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The airline was pretty rubbish anyway, my mom loved being a flight attendant but not for that airline.

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