Elastic view option

What do you think about an elastic view option?
It could be an option in settings

For example, if option activated, in cockpit if I move or zoom view, whenever you release your fingers it resets back to default (like double tap). It could be interesting in case you change the view out of sight by error when landing.
It would be a compromise between nothing and a lock view option.

I would make my day for sure. Thanks

Well, that would really suck to YTbers who like to record timelapses, but i think as a setting it would still be quite redundant

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This is going to cause more problems than it solves. Just tap twice on the screen and the camera resets, problem solved.

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I think it’s quite a good feature to request. Particularly if folk who are less experienced accidentally move the camera on final instead of using the rudder or something.

I dont have a spare vote, but wish you the best of luck with this request!


This option could be inactive in replays

This is amazing! I often zoom in on final to check my position towards the runway and this would be amazing!


Just double tap the screen. It is not that hard.

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Well, i think you don’t know how YT vids are really made.
We record in flight (not replay) and we only use replay for t/o and landings

That’s right I don’t. I only watch at real flights on YT.

Much needed.

Double taps are pesky during critical approach! So does trying to reach a button and ending up accidentaly swiping the view to inside the cockpit, THEN having to double tap just to find you’re heading towards the taxiway. Because you’re holding a phone in the air.

I wish IF had thought this up earlier but they didn’t. Face it, graphics are good but I still have to zoom in at times, and don’t forget quick glances for VFR turns! Quick glances/zoom with auto returns are faster, therefore would be intuitive. Natural. Like muscle memory of the neck without effort or wasting precious milliseconds. Less incidents. More performance. (particularly going visual in sports/military planes).

DON’T tick the “Enable Elastic” in settings if you’d prefer the slower double-tap, simple. I’ll free up a vote. Thank you for posting. Cheers!

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Yup, its very nice request. I will vote if i can be free.

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yes , i dont really understand the full advantage of this feature, so it could be confusing to implement