ELAL Virtual - NEW Services to Iran! @ LLBG - 131500ZMAY18


Server: Training

Region: Tel Aviv, Israel

**Airport:**LLBG - OIII

Time: 15:00 ZULU
11:00 AM eastern time zone. 05/12/18

NOTAM: El Al Wants to announce its first service to Tehran, Iran! We will depart from Ben Gurion International Airport (LLBG) and land in Mehrabad International Airport (OIII) Please spawn 10 minutes (10:50 AM Eastern) before the event to take some nice pictures and to map your route. Please follow the exact rules.

To be a pilot for EL AL Airlines please apply at https://elalairlines.wixsite.com/elal


Departing: Runway 26

Cruising Altitude: 35,000 ft

Cruising Speed: 0.82 M

Please cruise to the following altitude at 3,000 VS. Once you reach 10,000 ft please alter your cruising rate to 1,000 VS.

(Please go 220 knots right after take off Before you reach 0.82 M)

Aircraft: EL AL 737-800


Arriving: Runway 11R

Flight Time: LLBG - OIII (2 Hours 29 Minutes)


Terminal 4 Gate B22: @Davidberman
Terminal 4 Gate B24: @FDemon
Terminal 4 Gate B26: @FlyAndCrash
Terminal 4 Gate B28:
Terminal 4 Gate B30:
Terminal 4 Gate B32:


Well uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… Im israeli; and to be honest, i dont think this is like, very realistic, since all political stuff happening… But who cares, its a simulator, and a free world! Enjoy The Flight!


I mean if you where Israeli you would know that El Al did fly to Tehran so why not? What’s your question?

Yeah, they did around 30 yrs ago when Israel and Iran had diplomatic relations…

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Exactly, that’s what we’re doing. If there’s a problem you can dm me privately unless you’re interested in joining the event or asking a question, otherwise your comment is irrelevant.

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Oh no, no i have no problem, read the last part of my first commend if youd like, and yeah, ill go

Sign me up! :)…

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You’re signed up! See you there!

Changed the date of the event?

Yup just realized we had big event before.

Okay, but on Sunday (13) most likely I can not attend. 🙁

Oh because you didn’t sign up before when it was on the 12? I will probably postpone it to the following week. Not sure yet but will let you know!

I told you privately that I wanted to be an ATC at your event, remember?

Hmm. I’ll see if I can make it. Can I have a gate?

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Oh yea for ATC let me add you. I thought you where talking about a gate before but sure let me see what I can do!

Sure! I just assigned you a gate. See you there!

Guys, sorry to quote this topic here, but those who can help by voting on this topic, I thank you. 😉

what gate am I in the IF layout…cant find terminal 4?!

Is this a happening or no?

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