Hey there! Im training for IFATC and I decided to make a tracking thread to improve my skills! If you can hop in and do some patterns that would be amazing! All feedback is welcome :)

Current Airport: N/A
Runways in use: N/A
Frequencies: Ground and Tower


Closed for now. I will open again later

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Sounds good

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Hey, feel free to tag me when you open and I’ll try my best to stop by! Glad to see your interest in joining IFATC!

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LFBO open now @StuntPilot82 @Collins4486 :)

Hi there, Yemeni 1998 here… Here’s my feedback:

  • You should give a pattern instruction when an aircraft requests for a runway change followed by sequencing if there is a traffic to follow.
  • A “go around” instruction should have been given to the aircraft behind me on 32L. It was too close.

Good job on the other instructions. Hope to see you again and have a nice day!

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Thank you for your feedback! I will try to correct these things

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Feedback from YR-JAV:


  • All good, not a single problem;


  • 20:33:39 - You cleared me for the option quite late. I was already on left base. Try to do it while the aircraft is on crosswind/early downwind. You also forgot to give me a sequence to follow Yemeni 1998. The sequence should have been followed by the clearance in this case as there were 2 aircraft for 32R.
  • 20:37:17 Good job on sequencing me but this should came with a pattern entry followed by the clearance as stated above.
  • 20:38:47 You should try to avoid telling aircraft on a 1NM final to maintain slowest practical speed. A go around instruction should have been sent.
  • 20:39:32 I reported final hoping that you will clear me for the option. Unfortunately, that never happened.
  • 20:40:48 I decided to go around because you 1. you didn’t clear me and 2. Yemeni 1998 was still on the runway. Normally, you should be the one telling me to do so.
  • 20:44:17 Good job on the transition altitude!
  • 20:46:02 I was inbound for 32R but you didn’t give me a pattern entry. This is required for ALL inbounds AND Runway changes. (Same thing that happened at 20:37:17)
  • Exit runway was alright

That’s all from me for today! ;)


Thank you for the feedback! I will try to fix these things :)

Okay that’s it for today. Thanks to everyone who came! 😁

Sorry I couldn’t make it, do you plan on opening tomorrow?

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Yeah, I will open tomorrow :)

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Perfect! Do you have a time in mind?

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From 2021-08-17T10:00:00Z to 2021-08-17T21:00:00Z i will try to be open when i can 😁

Open now!

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im coming!

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I’ll come now!

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Hi there, here’s the Feedback from [HA-BIL]:

•Transition for 1000Ft was too low.
Formula of Transition is Airport Elevation + 1000ft + 1500ft

Airport Elevation ( 50ft ) + 1000ft + 1500ft = 2550 . Make round to 2500 .

When Im announce Inbound, why you give me only Clearance? That’s wrong order

You should Give Me Pattern Entry and then followed by Clearance

•When im announce to " Request Runway Change "
Why you just give me “Turn Crosswind”. Please look at this simple rules :

-When im inbound. Just say :

  1. Pattern Entry (Enter Right DW Runway XX) -
  2. Sequence (If any pilot doing the same runway) -
  3. Clearance

-When pilot Pattern . Just say :

  1. Pattern Entry! (If any airplane change runway) -
  2. Sequence! (If u have more than one aircraft)
    Example :
    HA-BIL Number 2 Traffic to follow is on Left Downwind ” -
  3. Clearance!
    Example :
    Number 2 Clear to land runway 24

I think that’s enough for today. Hope it better for next time.



Thank you for your feedback!

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I’ll send my feedback in just a minute ;)

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